Trap- Ceiling Collapse (06)

Warder 6



Ceiling Collapse
Level 6 Hazard

XP 250
Ygrut's Last Trap!
Trap: Cornered, the bitter dwarf fights to the death, his trained crows harassing foes with ranged attacks. He can swing his bladebow in melee in addition to firing it each round (though he must target different targets with these two attacks). And even once he is slain, the Trapmaster has one last trap to spring. A cord is tied to the back of the Trapmaster’s wide belt. When the Trapmaster dies, he pitches forward, pulling the cord taut and causing the chamber’s ceiling to come crashing down.
Initiative: NA
Ygrut is killed- as the dwarf strikes the floor, a pair of keystones is torn from the ceiling. The following round, the chamber’s ceiling collapses. The falling rubble targets all characters in the chamber for 5 rounds. All creatures in the room suffer 2 attacks/turn.
Standard Action - Area (Each PC in chamber suffers 2 attacks/turn)
Target: Every creature in the chamber.
Attack: +9 vs. Ref
Hit: 2d10 damage, and knocking hit targets prone. After 5 rounds, the entire chamber is filled with rubble and effectively cut off from all exploration or plunder.
♦ It will require quick thinking to avoid this death trap. Sharp-eyed adventurers entering the chamber can note that the chamber’s ceiling has been rigged to collapse (Perception, DC 25; DC 20 if character is trained in Dungeoneering), and those in melee with the dwarf may notice that the Trapmaster refuses to leave his hidden niche.
♦ Characters who are aware of the deadly trap (and are within 5 feet of the Trapmaster) can attempt to catch the Dwarf as he falls (Athletics, DC 20). Those unaware of the trap are faced with a much more difficult task. Heroes see the cord tied to the Dwarf ’s belt as he dies, and the GM should call for actions. Those within 5 feet can attempt to catch the Dwarf, but without forewarning this is much more difficult (Athletics, DC 30). GMs should let PCs figure this out on their own, and fail or escape on their own merits.


Trap- Ceiling Collapse (06)

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