Trap- Doomgrinder (08)

Elite Warder 8



Level 8 Elite Hazard

XP 700
Trap: The first round the trap is triggered, the flagstones at the north end of the hall slide back, revealing a rolling stone column bearing sharpened blades and spikes, spanning the width of the hall. Show the players handout C. Guided by slots in the wall, the column proceeds to roll the entire length of the hall, before vanishing beneath the flagstones at the end of the hall. The column rolls 30 feet per round; any creature that does not outrun the rolling column, or leap over it as it passes by (Athletics, DC 20), is attacked.
Initiative: NA
The doomgrinder trap is triggered when a living creature enters the hall. Characters trigger the trap even if they avoid the scarred flagstones. Once activated, the trap continues to operate until there is no longer any living creature in the hall.
Standard Action - Area (Corridor)
Target: Every creature in the passageway subject to attack.
Attack: +13 vs. AC
Hit: 4d6 damage, and the target is pushed 1d6 squares further down the passage. If the PC does not evade the doomgrinder on the following round, he takes damage again, and is pushed down the hall, and so on, until the wounded, bleeding PC is finally flung off the ledge at the south end of the hall, hurtling 60 feet to the base of the pit (see area 1–17). A PC remaining in the hall is forced to deal with another rolling column every 2 rounds, until all PCs exit the hall.
♦ The trap can be deactivated before being set off by a DC 20 Thievery check, but once activated, it requires a DC 20 skill test (4 successes before 2 failures) to deactivate.
♦ Thievery is the skill most likely to be used in this skill challenge, but if players think of good ways other skills can be used, you can allow them to make such checks as part of the 4 successes of the challenge.
♦ Explorers outrunning the doomgrinder are forced off the edge of the ledge. In order to leap to the adjoining platform (area 1–17), a PC must make a DC 15 Athletics check. Characters failing the check must succeed on DC 20 Acrobatics check or plummet 60 feet to the base of the pit below. Those succeeding on the check catch the lip of the platform, and must either pull themselves up or be pulled to safety by their allies.



Trap- Doomgrinder (08)

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