Trap- The Portal (09)

Elite Warder 9



Portal Trap
Level 9 Elite Warder

XP 800
Set into the rock wall, the golden portals are alight with a crimson blaze that streams from behind the seams of the door. Shielding your eyes from the glare, you can see that the twin doors are sealed with a peculiar lock: a round platinum plate set with three keyholes.
Trap: A cursory inspection (Perception, DC 10) of the portal shows that the plate is designed to rotate. Dwarves and characters trained in Dungeoneering succeeding on a DC 15 Intelligence check recognize this as an infamous dwarven puzzle lock. Such characters know that only one keyhole is correct, and then only when the plate is rotated into the correct position. They also know that such puzzle locks are never found without some sort of deadly trap.
A clue to the lock is found on the corpse of the dead thief in area 1–1b. In lieu of this clue, the heroes will have to trust to their ingenuity and luck.
Initiative: NA
If the PCs attempt to pick the incorrect lock, fail to pick the proper lock, or attempt to pick any of the locks without first rotating the plate one click, the ledge beneath them begins to crumble away, sending stone blocks tumbling and crashing to the base of the pit 50 feet below. Finding this trap requires a DC 25 Perception check. Once the trap is triggered, each PC standing on the ledge has but 1 round to reach safety: either retreating to another ledge, clinging to the rough rock wall (Athletics, DC 20), or finding some other means of support.
Standard Action - Area (Corridor)
Target: All creatures on the ledge- see above.
Attack: NA
Hit: Fall 50 feet.
♦ The correct means of opening the lock is to turn the lock one click to the right (counterclockwise). Once this is done, the center, topmost keyhole can be picked (Thievery, DC 20).
♦ A very careful inspection of the keyholes can yield additional clues. While the locksmiths were careful to make each keyhole appear to be real, only one keyhole bears the scuffing that comes with use (Perception, DC 20).
♦ If the adventurers survive the collapsing ledge, they may notice (Perception, DC 10) that the falling stones worked all too well, leaving a narrow gap at the base of the door. With careful rope work or climbing (Athletics, DC 25) a PC can climb beneath the portal and pull himself up into area 1–18.


Trap- The Portal (09)

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