Trap- Flood Gate (08)

Elite Warder 8



Flood Gate
Level 8 Elite Hazard

XP 700
Trap: On the first round, they drop the portcullises barring escape to area 1–8. On the second round, the dwarves trip the mighty clockworks that reroutes the river overhead. Adventurers hear a deafening rumble of metal on stone that shakes the hall. On the third round, several tons of water crash through the gate, sweeping east and carrying away any PCs caught in the flood. The dwarves shut off the floodgates after 2 rounds. On the third round, the dwarves raise the portcullises, then join their allies in area 1–8. On the fourth round, they charge the hall, attacking any remaining PCs in area 1–8 or 1–6.
Initiative: NA
The dwarves lurking in area 1–6 wait for 2 or more PCs to enter before springing the trap.
Standard Action - Area (Corridor)
Target: Every creature in the passageway.
Attack: +11 vs. Ref
Hit: Heroes are swept seventy feet east in a single round, and then off the edge of the pit for 4d10 damage, landing prone. Heroes swept along in the crush of water must make immediate DC 15 Athletics checks or begin drowning.
♦ Adventurers on the steps can cling to the portcullises (Strength, DC 15).
♦ Those within 10 feet of the steps can leap to the portcullises for safety (Acrobatics, DC 20).


Trap- Flood Gate (08)

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