Trap- Eye of Eternal Flame (05)

Hazard 5



Eye of Eternal Flame
Level 5 Hazard

XP 200
At the far end of the platform, seated atop an inky-black pedestal, is a finely faceted jewel, burning with bloody, crimson light.
Trap: The gem resting atop the pedestal is a nearly perfect ruby. Eight inches in diameter, the ruby has hundreds of tiny facets, each burning with the eternal enmity of the trapped spirit of an ancient fire elemental.
Initiative: NA
The gem heats any metal object coming within 10 feet. Anyone carrying a metal object coming within 10 feet takes 1d6 points of fire damage per round. Those closing to 5 feet take 1d12 points of fire damage per round, and those foolish enough to actually touch the gem take 3d6 points of fire damage per round. Metal objects retain heat for as many rounds as they spent within the gem’s area of effect.
No Action - Area (See above)
Target: See above.
Attack: NA
Hit: See above.
♦ Though incredibly dangerous to most, the fiery gem also offers a rare boon — spellcasters can also attempt to use the spirit of the elemental to power their spells.
Anyone taking the gem in hand, and gazing into its fiery heart must succeed on a DC 25 Insight check or be overcome by abject terror. Casters that succeed in mastering the spirit of the elemental can now draw on it to power their spells — any encounter spell cast while the spellcaster is the master of the gem is still available for use later in the encounter. The caster must reassert his mastery every round by making a successful Insight check.
♦ If at any point the PC is overcome by fear, he casts away the gem in terror. If the gem strikes a hard surface, the PC must make a Strength check (the gem has a break DC of 15). If the gem breaks, it shatters into a thousand shards, releasing an inferno of eldritch fire. Any character within 20 feet of the gem suffers an attack (+8 vs. Fortitude, 5d6 fire damage).
♦ If a PC elects to destroy the gem, the savage spirit of the elemental is beholden to the hero. Once, and only once, the fire elemental will intervene on the PC’s behalf, saving his life. Note that while the elemental is infallibly loyal, it is no more good, lawful, or benevolent that it was during its life. The spirit has no compunctions about decimating entire villages of innocent victims, if that is what is necessary to save the hero’s life.


Trap- Eye of Eternal Flame (05)

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