Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #3.11


Encounter #10e The Defiled Temple (Area 1-24)
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Orc Spearman (Minion 4) x3
Gnoll Broken Fang Warrior (Minion 6) x4
Dwarf Cult Warrior (Soldier 1) x3
Dwarf Initiate (Soldier 3) x2
Dwarf Priest- Master Gambolge (Controller 3)
Hobgoblin Lieutenant (Soldier 5)
Gnoll Broken Fang Veteran (Brute 6) x2
Encounter Level 7- 1834 XP- Now with 6 PCs in action.


The adventurers and most of the combatants are in area 1-24 on the map (see below).
The Orcs and Hobgoblin start in area 1-22 on the map (see below).

Yet another door opens into the temple, the tapestry before it is ripped aside as a trio of Orcs rush into the temple, behind them comes a heavily armoured Hobgoblin wielding a wicked looking spear.

“Oh F…” Ragnarr screams and then moves to intercept, he spins out a dagger en route and takes the first Orc down, the second stabs the Rogue with his spear. Berend rushes over to help, but as before, the Ranger proves to be spectacularly unhelpful. The Hobgoblin Lieutenant smashes into Ragnarr with his cruel spear- and in an instant the Rogue is bloodied.

Fenchurch meantime hits again with his Staggering Note, Tordek slices and then follows up with his Weapon Master’s Menace, the Gnoll Veteran doesn’t blink, it fights on. Tordek however is flooded with healing- courtesy of Fenchurch’s Majestic Words, he also feels Unstoppable (and another 10 Temp hit points).

Up on the ledge Gambolge backpedals and fires another Lance of Hate into Koda, who’s almost down (on 5 hit points), Grimm swears his Oath and then rushes in with a Focused Fury (a critical hit), and then unleashes the power of his magical sword- Thunder rolls and rips in to Gambolge. Koda follows up by Opening the Gate of Battle, combined with his Supreme Flurry (Daily power)- Gambolge staggers back, almost broken (on 5 hit points also).


Orc Spearman- It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Ragnarr spews daggers, his hands a blur, his Blinding Strike- an Orc Spearman is done for and the Hobgoblin left scarred and blinded, the Rogue stabs again. Ragnarr delivers a Torturous Strike (Action Point) and leaves the blind Hobgoblin staggering and bloodied, the Dwarf gets his Second Wind. Berend swats ineffectively, it’s what he does (I think Berend’s highest attack roll has been a ‘3’ so far- that’s how bad it is). The blind Hobgoblin however is not beaten, it stabs again at Ragnarr with its spear, the Rogue is bloodied once again.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note hits again, alas Tordek does not- the Bard goes for the big guns and screams his (Action Point) Shout of Triumph- the Veteran is bloodied and pushed back, a Gnoll Warrior clutches at his temples briefly, staggers, and then drops dead. The Gnoll Veteran however is furious- it charges back in to the action (a critical hit with a greataxe for 27 damage), and smashes Tordek who’s left rocking on the spot, bloodied and almost broken (Tordek is on 6 hit points). Three of the Gnoll Warriors close in on the Fighter, alas two of the fiends stray too close to the Dwarf and are both cut down (AoO’s).

Back up on the ledge Gambolge smashes his Morningstar in to Grimm (another critical hit), the Avenger staggers- bloodied and broken (on 4 hit points). Koda however is there to save the day, the Monk’s Dancing Cobra attack (and Flurry) smashes Gambolge off the ledge. The Dwarf Priest plummets screaming to his death.


Hobgoblin Lieutenant- Just another notch on a sword.

Ragnarr hits with another Deft Strike and the blind Hobgoblin Lieutenant is nearly broken, the spear in the blind Hobgoblin’s hands flares with light and the humanoid rages. Ragnarr ignores the creature and scrambles out a Potion of Healing and glugs the contents down. Just in time (not quite)- the Rogue is stabbed by the last remaining Orc Spearman, and then again by the Hobgoblin- the Rogue falls. (Ragnarr is on -2 hit points and dying). Berend is left to keep the pair at bay…

Back at the doorway Fenchurch meanwhile is off target with his Staggering Note, as is Tordek with his Brutal Strike (Reliable Daily), the Gnolls however are not giving up- the Veteran hits Tordek with its greataxe, the last Gnoll Warrior stabs the Dwarf with its spear- Tordek drops (Tordek is on -3 hit points and dying).

Is it going to happen again?

Grimm and Koda are rushing as fast as they can down the stairs to get back to the temple.

Ragnarr suddenly opens his eyes (Death Save ‘20’), he takes in the action- readies himself to leap up and into the fray- but for now plays dead.

The last Orc Spearman screams and rushes at Fenchurch, the Bard is speared, and furious- he invites his enemies to join him in a Sprightly Rhythm- the cacophony is all too much, the last Orc clutches at his ears and then flops dead, as does the last Gnoll Warrior- the last Gnoll Veteran staggers away from the Bard clutching its skull and very bloodied, while the Hobgoblin Lieutenant stands and sways almost entirely broken (on 1 hit point).

Tordek shivers and shakes- coughs up a slick of blood (Failed first Death Save).

Berend moves away, grabs up a pair of spears from fallen Orcs and improvises- he flings both at the Hobgoblin Lieutenant with a Twin Strike, one hits and his Quarry staggers once and then dies.

Grimm and Koda rush back into the temple, help is at hand, although the only enemy still left standing is the bloodied Gnoll Veteran.

Ragnarr and Fenchurch close in on the miscreant, the former hits with a Deft Strike, the latter with his Staggering Note, Ragnarr hits again when the Gnoll Veteran cuts and runs- the last enemy is almost done for.

Tordek suddenly screams out, vomits up more blood and shudders and shakes (Failed second Death Save)- Grimm, Berend and Koda are quickly on the scene- the three combine to stabilise the Dwarven Fighter just in the nick of time.

Ragnarr jogs into the chamber ahead, from which the Gnolls emerged, the Veteran is fleeing- the Rogue spins out his dagger a Deft Strike, his aim is true and the last enemy flops to the floor- dead.

The battle for the defiled temple is over.

Berend is rescued, and a few minutes later a bound and gagged Travok is found- the pair relay the bad news, Adrik was sacrificed, and eaten, last night. Note the two rescued Dwarves are however still first level.

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