Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #1.03


Encounter #2b Flood Gate (Area 1-6)
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Dwarf Bolter (Artillery 4) x2
Orc Berserker (Brute 4) x3
Ogre Savage (Brute 8)
Flood Gate Trap (Elite Warder 8)
Encounter Level 8- 1925 XP

Yeah, that’s right- the guys are heading for a Level 8 encounter.



… up the stairs, ahead, a portcullis suddenly crashes down- the passage is blocked.

“What the…” Adrik exclaims.

At this point I ask the first PC what he’s going to do, we’re sticking to initiative order- so it’s Morgran, he has ten seconds to decide- I begin to count. I tell all of the other players that they will also get ten seconds when it comes to their turn. This is how it played out-

Morgran scans his surrounding, looks up and points-


The Barbarian is pointing at an arrow slit high above the grate, there’s someone or something moving beyond the opening, and what’s that?


Morgran declares, and points at the grate, which is indeed dripping liquid.

“The portcullis.”

The Barbarian concludes and rushes into the passage opposite.

Berend, the Ranger, takes a moment to look around.

Actually Paul who plays Berend said something like- ‘Dungeoneering check, it’s a trap- loads of water comes out of the grate and washes us away…” Then he rolled a ‘20’.

Berend thinks aloud- “Water. Grate. Smooth passage…”, and then looks down the passage into darkness.

“Trap!” The Ranger yelps and takes the stairs three at a time, to the portcullis in the blink of an eye, he reaches down and…


Lifts up the portcullis, no bother, and slams it back into its up and open position.

And that was (Paul) Berend’s follow up Strength Check, he needed a ‘20’, which is incidentally exactly what he rolled- another natural.

‘Through here’, Berend screams and points the way.

Travok obeys and rushes up the stairs at full speed, the Paladin of Kord skids to a halt at the top of the stairs.

“Fuck!” He whispers, and then screams back- “ORCS!”

This kind of thing seems to happen a lot in Goodman Games scenarios; personally I love it, although my players may hold contrary opinions.


Travok is in a huge chamber, the ceiling must be easily sixty feet overhead, to his left is some sort of temporary encampment, a trio of grunting Orcs sprawl at rest. Ahead a set of ancient, but once ornate, stone stairs that twist and turn up to a balcony at least thirty feet above.

The guys are in area 1-8, the stairs lead up to area 1-8A, the balcony above.

The Orcs are quickly to their feet and grabbing for weapons- greataxes as it happens, although they’re still a little bewildered by Travok’s sudden appearance. Adrik follows on, rushes up the stairs and straight past Travok- “For KORD!” The cleric swings hard with his warhammer but the Orc simply steps aside, and grunts at the flailing Dwarf for good measure.


Orc Berserker- It gets worse…

Dumphart is next up the stair, although he hangs back a way, takes in the situation and then launches his Blazing Starfall, alas only one of the Orcs is burnt by the power’s radiant beams.

Back down the stairs, in the corridor, there’s a great CLANKing sound followed by a wheezing, shuddering, juddering continuous growl- things are happening, bad things.

Water begins to pour from the grate.

Back up the stair the three Orcs suddenly begin shouting and screaming, a face appears from just around a corner, near the encampment- another Dwarf, the squat humanoid stops for a moment- temporarily dumbfounded- he takes in the situation.

A chugging, juddering, shuddering sound suddenly starts up from the Dwarf’s direction.

The three Orcs charge at Adrik, in seconds (and two hits) the Cleric of Kord is smashed and cut to the ground.

Boy do greataxes hurt, Adrik is reduced from 27 hit points to 11 and then down to -6, he’s dying.

Morgran, Berend and Travok all rush up the stairs and into the action- the trio smash in to the closest Orc; Morgran cuts, Berend slices and Travok brings his Blood of the Mighty (Daily power), all three are on target- the foul humanoid is left staggering, bloodied and battered.

The guys dish out 51 points of damage, including 27 from Travok’s daily- it’s not enough.

Dumphart steps up to the plate- the sorcerer’s Blazing Starfall lances out radiant light- two of the Orcs are singed, but not alas the fellow left staggering by Morgran, Berend and Travok.

“Damn!” Dumphart hisses, and closes the distance.

The Sorcerer breathes in, and then out again- a ragged wreath of lightening, Dumphart’s Lightning Breath, and again only two of the Orcs are in the storm, but now all three are left bloodied and staggering.

Dumphart’s daily there with a Critical hit- 30 points of Lightning damage on one of the Orcs, and 25 on the other.

Suddenly, from below comes a horrendous smashing, crashing sound- the sound of water, much too much water in a very confined environment.


Flood Gate Trap- Could have been a killer!

Back down the stairs in the smooth passageway a tidal wave surges and scourges, the bodies of the Dwarven Bolters are sent spinning away with the wave.

The adventurers take a moment to thank their lucky stars that they’re inside and in the warm, and being savaged by a bunch of nasty Orcs.

The noise silences all other sounds, and when it’s gone- nothing.

Friend and foe stand around, momentarily brought to a standstill by the stone shattering roar of the trap below.

The spell however is soon broken, and by a new voice…

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