Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #1.04


Encounter #2c The Great Stairs (Area 1-8)
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Dwarf Guard (Soldier 3) x2
Dwarf Bolter (Artillery 4) x2
Orc Berserker (Brute 4) x3
Ogre Savage (Brute 8)
Flood Gate Trap (Elite Warder 8)
Encounter Level 9- 2225 XP


A screaming, jabbering, screeching, yelping sound- a Goblin, high up on the balcony ahead, capering and pointing down at our friends the adventurers.

Berend looks up, spies the miscreant, the creature seems to be in excited conversation with someone or something out of sight.

“Look UP!” Berend screams to his friends.

Just as a pair of mean looking Dwarves, formerly operating the Flood Gate trap, stomp around the corner to join the fracas

While it’s not looking good for the PCs, I want you to know that the guys are at this point screaming for joy- absolutely loving it. I know, and I think they do too, that if they can pull this one off then… well, they’ll probably never have to play D&D again- they will have beaten the game.

It gets worse, the closest Orc’s wounds seem to heal over, or at least some of them, the Warrior Surges and slashes at Morgran- the Barbarian, thankfully is too quick.

The second Orc lashes out with its greataxe, only this time the victim is Dumphart who is… decapitated.

Yep, you read that right, Dumphart was on something like 12 hit points, the Orc Berserker crits for 29 points of damage, that’s down to -17 hit points, which is greater than his negative bloodied value; Dumphart, played by Dave, is dead.


Dumphart’s Dead Dave!

And the room holds its breath, however Dave takes the news remarkably calmly, grins a lot and goes and makes a soothing cup of tea- he’s soon back to hear the rest of the action.

The third Orc smashes its greataxe into Travok.

To give the PCs a chance I elect to allow only one of the Orcs to use their Warrior’s Surge per turn- that’s the kind of nice guy I am.


Dwarf Guard- More Dwarf on Dwarf fun!

The two Dwarven guards draw their warhammers and smash them into Morgran, the Barbarian dodges and parries and keeps them both at bay, and then… goes crazy. Morgran enters the Rage Drake’s Frenzy and smashes the closest, very wounded, Orc- he thumps the creature down, not as he intended too with his blade but by somehow contriving to trip and fall head first into his enemy.

Morgran rebounds, somewhat out of sorts- dizzy from the collision, he swipes at the next badly wounded Orc and misses by a mile.

Sorry, just to explain- Morgran rolls a ‘1’ on his first attack, I allow him to inflict half-damage anyway but in a comedy style- hence death by ‘toppling Dwarf headbutt’, he attacks the second Orc and rolls a ‘2’. When the dice are against you…

Berend and Travok take on the two remaining Orcs, desperate to get rid of the wounded terrors; one of the creatures is left staggering- only just alive while the other fends off the Paladin.

Adrik meantime lies still and bleeds profusely, having failed his first Death Save.

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