Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #1.05


Encounter #2d The Great Stairs (Area 1-8)
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Goblin Javelintosser (Artillery 2) x3
Dwarf Guard (Soldier 3) x2
Dwarf Bolter (Artillery 4) x2
Orc Berserker (Brute 4) x3
Hobgoblin Lieutenant (Soldier 5)
Ogre Savage (Brute 8)
Flood Gate Trap (Elite Warder 8)
Encounter Level 10- 2800 XP


To make matters worse a pair of Goblins leer over the balcony above and make ready to hurl Javelins down at the three adventurers still standing. A second or two later a pair of javelins are flung down into the mix- Berend is wounded, and then hit again as the Orc facing him connects with its greataxe, the Ranger staggers back- bloodied.

The second Orc Berserker screams and with a Warrior’s Surge smashes Travok down.

And that was another Critical Hit with a greataxe for 23 points of damage to Travok, he’s on -9 hit points and dying.

The two Dwarven guards concentrate their efforts on Morgran, the Barbarian is bashed, but only a little. Morgran however is still intent on ending the Orcs, his Pressing Strike cuts one badly- Berend finishes the creature off and then gets his Second Wind.


Goblin Javelintosser- A bunch of tossers.

There are more screams and shouts from above, the two adventurers left standing don’t have time to look up- if they did they’d see that the balcony is now home to three javelin flinging Goblins and a burly Hobgoblin similarly armed.

The latter is in charge- he co-ordinates the next volley.

And we’ve just hit the magical Level 10 Encounter, that’s PC Level +9.

Just to let you know that I’ve been ruling the adventurers have partial concealment from the Javelin throwing artillery- it hasn’t made a sod of difference, I keep rolling high.

The javelins rain down, well- four of them anyway.

Berend stops three of the missiles, doing a very brief impression of a pin-cushion, the Ranger flops to the floor- he too is dying.

Morgran helps out with the last missile, the Barbarian is now very bloodied.


Hobgoblin Lieutenant- The biggest tosser.

All four of the Goblin artillery rolled 17-19 on the dice, and the rolls were made out in the open for the players to see- Dave is laughing so hard…

Just the Raging Morgran who, let’s face it, is not going to surrender now.

The last Orc strides up to Morgran, swings, and cuts the Dwarf Barbarian in two- at the waist.

That’s another critical hit for 28 points of damage, reducing Morgran to -21 hit points.


Morgan- Can’t feel legs…


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