Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #1.08


A Monstrous Welcome (Area 1-1a), again.

The Monstrous Welcome is played out in area 1-1A & 1-1B on the map (see below).

And so the second group of Dwarves, the strike team- the A Team, head on in. We’re back in the ruined guard chamber recently rearranged by the previous adventurers – there are lots of dead Fire Beetles about.

“They came this way.” Tordek grunts.

The adventurers examine the dwarf statues dotted around the chamber, vexed by the chanting sounds they seem to be making. Grimm points out the statue’s mouths have been blocked with stones and detritus, he clears them out- the chanting grows louder, much louder. Martial prayers and chants in praise of Moradin.

“That’s better…” The Avenger states.

Note all of the Dwarves receive a plus 1 bonus to attacks and damage on their next attack, this effect continues while they can hear the chanting.

Grimm is not finished, he points out that one of the chanting dwarf statues is pointing in a different direction to all of the others- the odd-one-out points to an empty spot on the cavern wall. The area is carefully examined, alas no discoveries are made, however Grimm searches the statue again and finds a moving part, a button- he presses it. A secret door in the wall springs opens.

Within, down a dusty and cobwebbed corridor, Ragnarr discovers a set of Masterwork Thieves Tools, while Grimm finds a scrap of paper, on which is written-

One click sinister, then shun both extremes.
Keep to the center; keep your life.

There’s also a locked coffer, Ragnarr gets it open and finds several bags of… iron filings? Several Arcana Checks later and the adventurers are still not sure what the bags contain, they decide to take them anyway.

They move on…

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