Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #1.09


The Gates of Iron and Flesh (again) (Area 1-4)

The Gates of Iron and Flesh are to be found in area 1-4 on the map (see below).

The adventurers head along the precarious pathway, on the right the ravine and the raging river below, to the left a wall of stone- Ragnarr & Koda lead the way, the other Dwarves hang back.

The pair sneak a good way down the ledge path, all the time on the look out, the duo come to a halt- Ragnarr points to a bunch of Orcs straight ahead- they seem to be guarding some sort of entrance, perhaps the way in to the clan hold.

The dead Dwarf Bolters and the Ogre have been replaced.

“How’re we…” Ragnarr goes to ask, Koda points- in a different direction altogether.

At first Ragnarr doesn’t see it, then- slowly he makes sense of what he’s looking at, there’s a staircase, of sorts, in the cliff face, it leads up to a darker patch- an opening, a secret way in perhaps.

Ragnarr grins and signals for the other adventurers to make their way forward- one at a time. Koda keeps a close watch on the Orcs; Ragnarr motions the other Dwarves up the stair- one by one.

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