Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #1.10


Encounter #3 Ogre Lair (Area 1-3)
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Zombie Hulk (Brute 8) x2
Encounter Level 2- 700 XP


The Ogre Lair is up the stair shown in area 1-2, and in to area 1-3 on the map (see below).

The Dwarves creep forward in to a dank, dark chamber- light flares as a sunrod is expended, the area is at least twenty five feet across, a natural cavern that twists and turns- there are several, seemingly shallow, pools of crystal clear water. Ragnarr points out an opening- the cave continues, a narrow passage snakes away to the north.

Koda and Ragnarr take charge again, as quietly as they can they lead their companions to the exit, and vainly stare into the darkness beyond- there’s nothing to see alas, only…

“It stinks!” Fenchurch offers, and is shushed in to silence.

He’s right though, it smells bad- of rot, and ruin, and… worse.

Koda and Ragnarr head off again, the passage is mostly single file, although a short distance in it divides in to two passages- both heading north.

Koda nods to Ragnarr, Ragnarr nods back- the pair creep their separate ways.

Koda’s not gone far when…

“Urp!” Koda declares.

Standing before the Dwarven Monk is a massive brute of a humanoid, an Ogre- or at least an ex-Ogre, the battered creature looks to have already been killed once, the great beast blinks open its eyes- and grins down at the Dwarf.


Koda goes chop-socky crazy. He Opens the Gates of Battle, a highfalutin’ way of saying he head butts the Ogre Zombie in the groin area, the terrifying undead monster gurns and clutches at the spot.

Koda’s attack is a critical hit- for 35 points of damage, which is indeed the maximum damage he can do to a creature on full hit points- just wow.

How about that for an opening, and it’s Dave of course who’s playing Koda, he’s a little uncontrollable for a while from this point on- apparently he can do more damage with his little finger than any of the other Dwarves with their myriad spells and weapons, he delights in telling us this at volume 11. Personally I had Monks pegged as quiet chaps with funny haircuts- tonsures, not this one it seems.

Ragnarr dodges back in time to throw a dagger at the creature, quite a Deft Strike- see what I did there, and already the massive Zombie is bloodied.

Both Dwarfs scream at the top of their voices…

Fenchurch sprints to catch up, the Dwarf Bard screams when he sees the bad guy- don’t worry, it’s only role-play.

Grimm steps in, holy symbol waving, he Abjures the Undead beast- scorching a massive hole in the creature’s chest with his radiant light, and pulling it closer- into a more convenient spot, the ex-Ogre finds itself immobilised and in severe pain.

Tordek rushes in, while Koda and Ragnarr continue to swing and swat, the three Dwarves attempt to take the Zombie Hulk down, two of the guys have combat advantage, and yet all of their attacks come to naught.

The Hulk smashes its fist down into Tordek, bloodying the Fighter and leaving him sprawling on the floor, and with a terrible headache.


Zombie Hulk- Big Bad Dead!

And from the other passage the second Zombie Hulk lurches into the fray, the creature staggers up behind Koda, and then slams the Monk on the head, the Dwarf manages to stay on his feet but only by clutching desperately at the cavern wall and clinging on for dear life. Koda is very bloodied.

Fenchurch sings, a Staggering Note, but clearly off-pitch; the Bard instead has a Majestic Word for Koda- the Dwarven Monk now looks much healthier.

Grimm shuffles back a pace-or-two, and then Charges like a Whirlwind into the already battered Hulk- smashing the thing down- dead.

Tordek gets his Second Wind and then manoeuvres into action against the second Zombie Hulk- slashing the thing with his battleaxe.

Koda tries to add to the foul undead brute’s hurt but the Monk is still clearly out of sorts, Ragnarr’s aim however is true- his Clever Strike packs quite a punch.

The Hulk lashes out but Tordek is much too quick this time.

Fenchurch starts yelling, a bit too cocky too early, the dwarf’s Shout of Triumph alas proves to be a whimper.

Grimm gets in to the fight with his greatsword, he brings his Radiant Vengeance stabbing the thing through its gut, and the second Zombie Hulk is already bloodied.

Tordek and Ragnarr scrap and battle- both alas to no affect. Koda’s Dancing Cobra however is on target, he adds a Flurry of Blows and the remaining Hulk staggers some more.

At which point the first Zombie Hulk the adventurers killed gets back up again, and smashes Tordek over the head, the Dwarf Fighter is back to being bloodied.

And that wasn’t in the script, and I’m getting some funny looks from the players, particularly as several of them have realised, very quickly, that the Zombie Hulk they are at present fighting will also need killing twice.

The second Zombie does the same- that is smash Tordek on the head, the Fighter stays on his feet, but by will alone.

Tordek is on 1 hit point, but not for long…

Fenchurch intones Majestic Words- Tordek’s wounds heal a little, he’s still bloodied however.

Grimm and Tordek swat ineffectively at the newly re-risen Zombie. Koda, who is stood between the pair of Hulks- alongside Ragnarr, lets loose with his Five Storms, smashing at both of the giant undead.

Ragnarr stabs the second ex-Ogre in the back, the thing is almost dead, and yet it has enough life left in it to lash out, both of the Zombie Hulks do…

Koda is crunched, the Monk is left prone, bloodied and almost unconscious.

Tordek is not so lucky, the Fighter flops to the cavern floor unconscious- and dying.

No, I couldn’t- two TPKs in one session, that’d be… hilarious.

And it needs to be said that neither of the Zombie Hulks have managed to recharge their Zombie Smash power, which does almost twice the damage of the Slam attacks they’ve been using.

Fenchurch’s Guiding Strike is way off target, the Bard seems to be having problems with his lines. Grimm is on hand however to cut the second Zombie Hulks down with his Focused Fury. Not done the Avenger rushes over to Tordek (Action Point) and stabilises his friend.

Koda and Ragnarr get their breaths back, I mean get their Second Winds, and then unleash… nothing much.

The Zombie Hulk still standing smashes Grimm.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note does indeed stagger, Koda thumps the remaining Hulk in the face with a roundhouse kick- splattering the undead beast’s nose.

The Monk looks very pleased with himself and winks at Fenchurch- just as the second Zombie Hulk rises again and smashes Koda down- he’s dying too.

Grimm delivers his Oath of Enmity on the already battered Hulk but only manages the faintest of blows.

Koda slicks up a pool of blood- failing his first Death Save.

We’ve been here before…

Dave looks like thunder, although several of the other players are trying desperately not to laugh.


Fenchurch the Bard tries again- directing operations with his Guiding Strike, the first Hulk lurches, staggers, and then falls- the Bard grins and completes a little bow.

One Hulk down- one Hulk to go.

The Bard completes his bow and is then swiftly smashed into the cold stone floor.

He’s dying too.

For info the last Hulk finally manages to recharge its Zombie Smash power and then delivers a massive hit to Fenchurch, a critical hit, for 37 points of damage. Fenchurch goes from full, or thereabouts, to -9 hit points.

Did I do a bad thing?

Grimm swears another Oath and stabs the Hulk, skewers it- it staggers again but somehow manages to stay upright.

Ragnarr, desperate, tries twice to land his Clever Strike (after an Action Point) but alas fails both times, which means…

The Hulk slams its fist in to Grimm, the Avenger staggers- bloodied and battered.

The Avenger however is far from done; he avenges himself and cuts the giant undead creature down with his greatsword.

Nothing moves- except for the two Dwarves scrambling to help their fallen friends.

Fenchurch is quickly to his feet, and soon after all of the Dwarves are in much better shape.

The adventurers take a well-deserved (short) rest before heading out to search the remainder of the cavern.

Buried in a mangy pile of furs, in a ‘lair’ of sorts, is a beautifully crafted greatsword, Fenchurch determines that the weapon is a +1 Thundering Greatsword- Grimm is delighted-


Grimm looks like Thunder.

There are no other exits however, that is until Ragnarr finds the secret door, but more of this next session.

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