Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #2.01


Encounter #4a Goblin Quarters (Area 1-12)
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Goblin Boltspitter (Minion Artillery 2) x4
Goblin Sharpshooter (Artillery 2) x5
Encounter Level 2- 749 XP


The Goblin Quarters are through the secret door and in to area 1-12 on the map (see below).

And so we start on with the second session of play, remember the guys are trying to rescue the three Dwarf survivors of the first party of adventurers, and to discover the long abandoned forge which is said to be hidden here, and so on we go again, with the secret door to open.

Ragnarr can hear voices through the secret door- there are Goblins on the other side. The Rogue quickly discovers the opening mechanism; the other adventurers ready their attacks.

The guys burst through and in to a chaotic chamber, a flophouse of sorts, containing nine Goblins in various stages of not being ready to be attacked- mostly sprawled on piles of stinking skins and furs.

The Dwarves have surprise, they kick ass.

Grimm and Koda charge in, furious and… they both fail to connect with the surprised and prone Goblins, however the other three Dwarves make their mark.

Tordek smashes one of the Goblin Sharpshooters clutching for its hand crossbow, it’s bloodied. Fenchurch unleashes his Staggering Note and a second Sharpshooter is pushed backwards and served up for Tordek- the Dwarf Fighter smashes his second offering, it too is left bloodied. Ragnarr steps in, kneels and cuts the nearest Sharpshooter’s throat- its dead.

The four remaining Sharpshooters grab for their hand crossbows, scramble to their feet and fire- bolts ping and ricochet, all but one misses their intended targets- Ragnarr is unlucky, the Rogue grimaces in pain.

Grimm swears his Oath and then with a Focused Fury cuts a second Sharpshooter dead.


Goblin Boltspitter- Goblin Minion scum.

Tordek lashes out but is off target. Koda however is not- he steps into the thick of things and kicks and punches with his Five Storms; a chop takes out a Boltspitter, a kick a second. The two remaining Goblin Boltspitters manoeuvre to find space and fire their hand crossbows; Grimm is grazed by a flying bolt.

Fenchurch manages to wrestle his way into the action, the Dwarf screams his Shout of Triumph, but again with minimal affect- two of the Sharpshooters are very slightly wounded. Ragnarr meanwhile stabs another of the Boltspitters in the back- dead.

The three Sharpshooters left standing begin screaming in their foul tongue, all three fire their hand crossbows- Tordek is skewered by a bolt.

Grimm and Tordek close to attack, both Dwarves contrive however to miss their targets- Koda manoeuvres again, and again the Monk dives in to the thick of the action. He manages to chop, kick and punch all three of the remaining Sharpshooters with his Five Storms- two of the three are now bloodied.

The last Boltspitter heads for the way out- screaming down the corridor; it fires its hand crossbow at Koda but only manages to find the ceiling- way off target. Ragnarr sends out a spinning dagger- a Deft Strike, and ends the Goblin, not however before the creature has brought reinforcements.


Goblin Sharpshooter- Goblin Non-Minion scum.

A sudden yowling, growling sound- a pack of thickset wolves, Worgs in fact, come scampering and slavering down the corridor, dashing towards the chamber, and the adventurers…

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