Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #2.03


But first up Tordek is dying- Koda is quickly across to Fenchurch and Grimm’s side- the trio work fast, moments later Tordek is stabilised, five minutes later and the Dwarf is back on his feet.

The Goblin Chief is hog-tied and treated badly, and then a little while later interrogated- a minor Skill Challenge (no XP), soon enough he’s singing like a canary and the only question the adventurers have for now is- where are the other Dwarves that were sent into the hold? The Chief is forthcoming; it gives directions to a central area within the hold, the home it states to a bunch of crazy Dwarf zealots. The Goblin actually prefers the phrase- ‘religious nutters’, clearly it’s not diversity week.

Satisfied with the answer the adventurers take a good half hour to beat the creature unconscious, and then to within an inch of its life. They then tie the Goblin up again, as tight as they can, and wedge it- gagged, into a sack. Tordek will carry the scurvy knave.

A search of the goblin’s quarters turns up all manner of goodies, including a bunch of gems and coins, and better still a +1 Dagger, which Ragnarr takes-


Ragnarr just got deadlier.

Also a +1 Vicious Battleaxe, which Tordek grabs-


Tordek is a vicious bastard.

Fenchurch identifies the magic items.

The adventurers take their time to carefully search the area they have liberated, they find a wedged door- waterlogged, they figure a good shove will get it open; and in a different direction a corridor which seems to end in a very suspicious looking solid stone wall.

The fight takes place in area 1-12, the Goblin Chief and the Worgs ran through from area 1-13 on the map (see below).

The sodden door (described above) is shown on the map above, the suspicious stone wall is at the end of the east passage.

Ragnarr takes another good hard look around the chambers, eventually he spots it- a hidden lever mechanism, the suspicious stone wall slides aside to reveal yet another stone passage. This is the direction the adventurers need to go to rescue their friends- it fits in with the Goblin Chief’s instructions.

The Dwarves move out, and on…

Another Goodman Games special, it’s just oh so easy to make two encounters into one in these modules.

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