Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #2.06


Encounter #6 The Platform (Area 1-8a)
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Goblin Javelintosser (Artillery 2) x3
Dwarf Guard (Soldier 3) x2
Orc Berserker (Brute 4) x2
Hobgoblin Lieutenant (Soldier 5)
Encounter Level 5- 1225 XP


The Platform is in area 1-8A on the map (see below).

Note the adventurers initially encounter only the Hobgoblin and the Goblins, the other enemies come rushing in soon after.

The adventurers extended rest is not without incident- on several occasions Ragnarr is roused and made to listen again at the secret door- he hears Dwarven voices, raised Dwarven voices- arguing, the last one a screamed- “Well they didn’t just bloody disappear!”

It seems the Goblins and Worgs et al that the adventurers slaughtered are being missed. Fortunately the secret entrance remains undiscovered.

Rest over Ragnarr leads the guys back through the secret door, creeping all the way. Surprisingly there’s no one guarding the place, the chamber has been left abandoned, as has the Goblin War Chief’s former quarters.

In reality the kindly DM wanted to give the players a chance to visit a few more places, I could have left a lone guard or two but that would just cut down my options later on.

The guys move out, and head west rather than east, away from Ygrut the Trapmaster’s chamber, Koda and Ragnarr creep forward, both roll high on their Stealth checks.

The pair scurry out into a much larger room- a huge set of closed doors to the west, and a large open stair to the east- noises from up the stairs. The rest of the Dwarves catch up and the scouts move ahead again- towards the noise, sounds of the Goblin tongue, up the stairs.

Moments later, and after more good (20+) Stealth checks, Ragnarr and Koda are crouched below the level of the stairs looking up at a crude campsite inhabited by four Goblins, all armed with javelins, one of the four is a thickset Hobgoblin.


Goblin Javelintosser- Still tossers.

The players recognise the area (OOC), they’re atop the platform from which they were peppered with javelins in their first attack on the lair.

This time however the tables are turned, the remainder of the Dwarves creep up the stairs, as far as they can get without alerting the inhabitants to their presence, they take a moment to ready themselves, and then launch their attacks.

Ragnarr’s dagger starts the rot it slams into the Hobgoblin Lieutenant’s back, Koda follows up but his target somehow evades his chop, the other Dwarves scream and rush on into the fray.

Koda is straight into the thick of the action, his famous Five Storms is put to the test- alas only the Hobgoblin suffers, and just enough to leave it bloodied.

Ragnarr and Koda are struck by javelins, two of the Goblins retreat to the very edge of the balcony and begin screaming for reinforcements from below.

Tordek’s Steel Serpent Strike almost takes out the Hobgoblin Lieutenant while Fenchurch ensures that Koda will not fall, his Majestic Words buoy the pained Monk.


Hobgoblin Lieutenant- Revenge is a dish best served with a hammer!

The Goblin’s screams and shouts echo below- deeper voices, certainly not Goblins, whoever they are they’re on their way up the stairs.

Tordek grimaces as the Hobgoblin spears him, the creature orders his Goblin compatriots to finish the Dwarf Fighter. Ragnarr gets his Second Wind then shuffles behind the Lieutenant- stabs the critter in the back and takes it down- the leader is dead.

Koda smashes one of the Goblin’s in the head, punches it in the gut- the fiend staggers back bloodied.

The adventurers will have to be quick, a pair of Orc Berserkers are heading up from below, rushing up the stairs to meet them.

Ragnarr’s struck by a javelin, another of the Goblins draws its short sword and stabs Koda.

Tordek and Grimm slice at the nearest enemy, the Goblin is left bloodied. Fenchurch helps out with his Staggering Note, the Javelintosser only just manages to prevent the Bard’s power from hurling it off the balcony.

And down below a pair of Dwarf Guards finally take notice of events above, they head on up- following after the Orcs, to join in the fun.

Ragnarr takes the first Goblin Javelintosser down with a Torturous Strike, Koda accounts for the second with his Dancing Cobra attack.

The last Goblin hurls a javelin at Tordek, the Fighter is bloodied, and then screaming all the while it heads down the stairs trying to get beyond the fast approaching Orcs.


Orc Berserker- Dwarf-Killers!

Tordek and Grimm share a nod- the pair make their way to the top of the stairs just in time to greet the first Orc Berserker, they cut and smash and the Orc dies and is sent hurtling over the side of the stairs. Tordek gets his Second Wind and grins.

The action moves onto the stairs, the Dwarven adventurers descending to meet their enemies rush- Grimm slashes the last remaining Orc Berserker with a Focussed Fury, while Fenchurch’s Staggering Note leaves the brute bloodied.

The two Dwarven Guards arrive to join the action- charging at full speed, Koda is slashed, Tordek is cut. The Monk is not happy, he moves again into the midst of his enemies and unleashes his Five Storms once more. Pathetic, for all his effort Koda’s attack is ineffective, only a glancing blow to the Orc Berserker. Koda loses his cool and tries again (Action Point) with his Spinning Leopard Strike (Daily)…

The Orc Berserker is chopped and kicked clean off the stairs, the poor bastard falls just short of fifty feet and smashes into the ground- dead. Both of the Dwarf Guards are kicked, slapped and punched, and left bloodied.


Dwarf Guard- Not built to last, it seems.

That’s better.

The last Goblin hurls another javelin into the mix, Tordek staggers- almost falls.

Tordek is on 4 hit points.

Grimm swears his Oath and goes after the nearest Dwarf Guard- two hits with his Focused Fury (Action Point) and the squat humanoid is left staggering.

Fenchurch screams out his Shout of Triumph, alas its effect is minimal, only one of the Dwarf Guards is affected- and then only slightly. Ragnarr’s wounds heal over after the Bard utters a few Majestic Words.

Grimm is sliced by a Dwarf Guard, Ragnarr manoeuvres around the enemy and stabs the squat bugger in the back- the first Dwarf Guard falls.

The Rogue is pierced by a javelin for his efforts, the last Goblin edges a little further away from the action.

Grimm’s Focused Fury leaves the remaining Dwarf Guard battered and desperate to retreat. Fenchurch gets into the action- smashes the Guard who is left spinning like a top, and not long for this world. Ragnarr flings out a dagger and the Dwarf falls.

Koda is on his toes, and down the stairs in an instant- straight into the Goblin Javelintosser’s face- he hits the fiend with his Dancing Cobra attack, and accompanying Flurry of Blows., the creature staggers back bloodied.

The Goblin is the last enemy left standing- it runs.

Koda punches it, Ragnarr spins out a dagger, while Tordek chases after it- screaming and threatening, and waving his battleaxe above his head- but the Goblin is far too quick.

The Dwarven Fighter skids to a halt, grabs out a throwing axe and… hurls it.

The blade thumps in to the retreating Goblin’s back, it flops forward and surfs its way into a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs.


The area is thoroughly searched, as are the chamber’s former inhabitants, there’s little to find save some coins and a few other valuables.

The two Dwarf Guards are examined, like Ygrut the Trapmaster, they bare signs of some sort of ravaging disease; they are likewise sallow of skin, and subject to minor malformations- one has only four fingers on one hand, the other has one ear massively larger than the other.

The Dwarves are creepy.

Ragnarr continues his search meanwhile, he finds a secret compartment, a cache hidden behind a loose brick, the Dwarven Rogue however fails to disarm a trap and is briefly poisoned- again the pickings within are slim.

The adventurers take a short rest and then take a further nose around the chamber- they soon realise that the vast portals to the north are stuck solid- Ragnarr is certain that some massively heavy object (on the other side) is preventing the doors from opening. Which is a bugger because the guys are fairly certain that their compatriots, who need rescuing, are probably being held in this direction.

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