Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #2.07


And the player’s anger and frustration (what little there was) after the loss of the first adventuring party is now somewhat assuaged, those that perpetrated the foul deed are all very dead.

And with that the second session comes to an end, again some lovely combat encounters that had the players whooping for joy in places- all three of the encounters have been pretty tough this session. The Goblins and the Worgs proved to be suitably nasty, while with Ygrut the Trapmaster it was Koda (Dave) that saved the day- if the ceiling had collapsed then just about all of the adventurers would have been in trouble. The last encounter, on the Platform, was perhaps the easiest of the three; and that was a level 5 combat.

The guys are however burning through healing surges and resources at an incredible rate, as can be seen from the write up they’re also doing a fair amount of lying down on the job- getting knocked unconscious, its that kind of scenario we’re playing, very dangerous.

The guys are however loving the adventure still, although it’s being played for kicks with players chucking their guys into the action- it seems the TPK has had a positive effect, the guys have overcome the fear of their PCs dying.

A roaring success.

Just a note to say there’s not much going on in the write up in the way of interrogating the bad guys, this is due to the fact that (if you remember) all of the players are doing their best to emulate Dave. Dave, as has already been mentioned, mostly plays Dwarves, and mostly Fighters- he plays them all pretty much the same way; surly, angry, tetchy, prickly, etc. Dave plays D&D, it seems, to vent his frustration- he kills things, and bad mouths the stuff he knows he shouldn’t attack- like patrons, and his fellow adventurers. The guys are all trying their best to be more Dave than Dave, therefore there’s little in the way of tactics, and even less thought about taking prisoners and ‘gathering information’- its KILL KILL KILL and if any enemies survive then they extract info with menaces, and then burn them.

In short these Dwarves are xenophobic killers, assured of their races superiority- they don’t back down, surrender- or ask questions, or mess with foolish things like ‘plot’, or, ‘narrative’- the story has to come to them. Its a wonder they deign to talk to me…

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