Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #3.02


The Dwarves start their exploring in area 1-6 on the map (see below).

The adventurers start by taking a wander down the passage (1-6)…


It ends in a drop, and what a drop- it’s at least forty, maybe even fifty feet, down- although what lies below is unknown, the area is shrouded in darkness.

“Let’s find another way.” Ragnarr states and wanders back the way they came.

The adventurers make their way back into the main entrance chamber- with the balcony above (1-8), there’s a ladder on one of the walls leading up in to an opening, Tordek waves Ragnarr forward.

“Why me?”
“Why indeed miscreant rogue?”

At the top of the ladder is a passage, clogged with debris and… traps- traps that have been activated. Ragnarr looks back down to his comrades.


“I’m not going down there… besides, I think it just leads back to the place we killed the mad Dwarf, and I’m not going back in there again either.”

Ragnarr climbs back down the ladder.

There’s nothing for it, the Dwarves head back to Goblin War Chief’s chamber- to the waterlogged door they encountered earlier.


Ragnarr listens at the door and hears, no hang on…

“EurrgghhAhAhAh!” Ragnarr screams and then pants rapidly in a panic, clutching at his ear with one hand.
“What is it?” Fenchurch enquires.
“Something just crawled in…” The Rogue sounds desperate, he hops from foot to foot- doing a little dance, thumping the right side of his head with the flat of his hand in an effort to dislodge whatever now resides in his left ear.

“There’s nothing…” Fenchurch spots a worm or an… “Earwig! Urrrggghh!”

There follows approx. twenty minutes of bedlam- ideas are mooted, and then soon after rejected. Ragnarr’s ear is filled with water- the water does not however enter his ear canal. Fenchurch fashions a prodder and has a look around but… there’s seemingly no way to get whatever is in the Rogue’s ear out.

He’s stuck with it.

Whatever it is.

Ragnarr is thereafter constantly aware that something is wandering around in his inner ear, until this situation is resolved all of his skill checks are subject to penalties.

The kindly DM states that only during an Extended Rest, or else a deliberate break of several hours or more, can another adventurer attempt to remove the foul creature, even then the adventurers must first fashion, or find, suitable tools.

“Open the door…” Tordek states, and points Ragnarr in the right direction.

If you have this module then check out the earwig creature on page 32.

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