Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #3.05


The adventurers are very low on resources, and they can hear a loud rhythmical chanting coming from the open door ahead, through which the Cult Warriors tried to escape. Ragnarr is ordered to take a look- he’s aided by the fact that the doorway is covered by curtains, or else a tapestry- either way he hides behind the hangings and observes.

The chamber beyond is massive…

Ragnarr spies on area 1-24 on the map (see below).

An enormous temple, ahead a towering stone statue of a mad looking Dwarf with a beard seemingly made of writhing snakes or else tentacles, the statue is at least fifty feet high- stretching all the way up to the domed ceiling. Hissing steam escapes from the statue’s mouth- Ragnarr shudders.

Scattered around the chamber are easily a dozen bedrolls, towards the far side are a trio of armoured Dwarves (bad guys) are praying before the statue- there seems to be a ledge up above also, possibly for the temple priests to stand upon to conduct their foul ceremonies, every now and then Ragnarr spots movement up there.

One by one the other Dwarf adventurers are ushered into the doorway to take a moment to stare at the terrible temple beyond, it seems a decision has to be made.

The guys are really not sure what to do for the best- they now have enough XP for level 2, and they’re (I’ve already said this) very low on resources, two of the players have only one Healing Surge left, another only has two. They’re also worried that the chamber ahead could prove to be very dangerous (wimps- it seems they’ve started to like their Dwarf PCs, they want to keep them alive- as I say… wimps).

And so after a ten minute break from the game, and a good long chat amongst themselves- without me I may add, they eventually come to a decision.

They have a proposition- for me.

The guys don’t want to lose another comrade and so they propose to stay in this chamber, to try and take another Extended Rest, and level up- however they will constantly observe the temple, after wedging the waterlogged door shut behind them, they will abandon their rest if anyone approaches, or else it looks like something untoward is going to happen (particularly to one of the prisoners).

I realise there’s a fair amount of OOC information that has been thrown into the mix here but, it’s a game- and fun, and while it would be fine for me to just say no, or else have the guys extended rest suddenly curtailed… I figure, what the hell, there’s a good chance it’s going to be a TPK even if they’re level 2- why not, I’ll give them a fighting chance.

And so the guys settle down to rest, to watch, and to wait.

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