Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #3.07


Encounter #10a The Defiled Temple (Area 1-24)
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Dwarf Cult Warrior (Soldier 1) x1
Encounter Level 1- 100 XP


The adventurers start in area 1-23 on the map, the Defiled Temple is in area 1-24 (see below).

The extended rest passes without interruption, in fact the next interruption occurs about two minutes after the adventurers rest has concluded- funny that, coincidence?

However before we get to that there’s the small matter of Earwig surgery, Ragnarr passes his Masterwork Thieves Tools over to Grimm- the Avenger drew the shortest straw. I ran the operation as a Skill Check, with other PCs aiding Grimm’s rolls- the DCs are high), if the operation is a success then Earwig in Ragnarr’s ear is removed without further injury to the Dwarf, a single failure and damage is done and the Earwig remains, multiple failures will leave Ragnarr deaf, dead or worse…

A short series of startling dice rolls later and the Earwig is fished out, Grimm (played by Iain) it seems not just a religious nut-case, he’s also an adept surgeon (Iain made four primary skill checks and never rolled below a ‘15’).

And then comes the interruption, it goes a little like this-

Ragnarr, on watch reports that one of the Dwarves from the other party has been brought into the Temple- from a door, hidden behind curtains/tapestries on the same side as the one he’s peeking through- it’s Berend, the Ranger. The restrained prisoner is settled before the great idol, and kicked a few times for good measure.

The adventurers in the room start to get excited.

Then one of the praying Dwarves, another Cult Warrior Ragnarr thinks, is ordered by someone on the ledge to do something… he can’t hear what’s being said, the Dwarf however is heading this way. The Rogue dodges back inside the room and a welcoming committee is hastily organised.

Moments later the door opens and a Dwarf Cult Warrior saunters into the chamber…


Dwarf Cult Warrior- Blessed with a long life? Let’s see…

Ragnarr stabs the bastard in the gut with a Deft Strike, Grimm’s Radiant Vengeance bloodies the foul Dwarf and then Koda punches it in the head with his Dancing Cobra attack.

The Dwarf is dead.

Ragnarr shuts the door, nearly- the Rogue leaves it open an inch or two and spies out, as best he can. The guys hold their collective breath.

The Rogue watches the action- nothing happens for a while, although after a while the guy on the ledge seems to be looking over, the other two foul Dwarves- formerly praying, are called over and a shouted conversation is had- certainly the Dwarf on the ledge is in charge here.

Ragnarr hears the end of the chat-

“…and find out what’s taking the fools so long?”

The two foul Dwarves head over to the door.

“They’re coming.” Ragnarr relays.

The guys get back in position…

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