Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #3.08


Encounter #10b The Defiled Temple (Area 1-24)
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Dwarf Cult Warrior (Soldier 1) x3
Encounter Level 1- 300 XP


The adventurers start in area 1-23 on the map, the Defiled Temple is in area 1-24 (see below).

The first of the Cult Warrior’s opens the door, and then does something the adventurers hadn’t accounted for- he looks in rather than entering the chamber- damn!


Dwarf Cult Warrior- Good footfall this doorway.

Ragnarr stabs the Dwarf with a Deft Strike, bloodying the foul humanoid, the Cult Warrior screams-

“We’re under attack!”

Then draws his greatsword and steps in to the doorway, blocking the exit- he even has time to stab Tordek, who straight charges into the mix.

The second Cult Warrior goes running back the way he came, screaming up at the ledge, echoing his colleagues call, activity breaks out.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note pushes the first Dwarf back out of the doorway, almost.


The noise comes from within the defiled temple- it seems the alarm is being sounded (either that or a late supper is about to be served), between the frantic Gongs comes the sound of Dwarven voices- more orders are being given, and presumably obeyed.

Grimm meanwhile calls out his Oath and with a Focussed Fury smashes the Cult Warrior in the door down, the adventurers spill out into the temple proper…

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