Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #3.09


Encounter #10c The Defiled Temple (Area 1-24)
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Dwarf Cult Warrior (Soldier 1) x3
Dwarf Initiate (Soldier 3) x2
Dwarf Priest- Master Gambolge (Controller 3)
Encounter Level 3- 750 XP


The adventurers start in area 1-23 on the map, the Defiled Temple is in area 1-24 (see below).

There are three Dwarves on the ledge over on the far side of the chamber- two more Warrior types in armour (Dwarf Initiates), and one in robes- the Priest.

There’s another Cult Warrior on the ground floor of the chamber- to the north, frantically beating a gong, and before the great statue, tied up, is Berend of course.

Koda runs and tumbles all the way with his Dancing Cobra Move, followed by a Charge straight for the gong Dwarf- the Cult Warrior manages to keep the Monk at bay however, using the beater to defend itself.


Dwarf Initiate- Prepare for a thrashing!

Ragnarr rushes over to help Koda- he spins out a dagger and the gong Dwarf bleeds- and then quickly makes his decision, the Dwarf Cult Warrior throws down the gong beater, draws his greatsword, and chops a chunk out of Koda.

Moments later the Dwarf is manoeuvred away from the alarm by Fenchurch’s Staggering Note.

Up on the ledge the robed Dwarf Priest, Master Gambolge, screams down at the adventurers to surrender- and when that doesn’t work, fires down a Lance of Hate at Koda- the psychic missile leaves the Monk bloodied and morose.


Dwarf Priest- Master Gambolge- Picked on at school.

Tordek and Grimm arrive on the scene in a rush- the pair smash the Dwarf Cult Warrior down, Koda moves off- looking up to the ledge-

“How do we get up there?” The Monk screams, Ragnarr points at a patch of wall-
“There’s a door, behind the tapestry…” The Rogue screams.

Note Ragnarr saw Berend arrive from this direction earlier.

Koda however is over to Berend in a flash, the Ranger is tied up, he needs to act quickly to find a way to… (Dave who plays Koda rolls a ‘20’)… Koda pulls at one of the ropes and Berend is free in the blink of an eye. The Monk gets his Second Wind, and then grins.

Suddenly a door slams open, the tapestry is ripped aside and a screaming Gnoll appears in the doorway, there are many more Gnolls behind the first…

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