Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #3.10


Encounter #10d The Defiled Temple (Area 1-24)
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Gnoll Broken Fang Warrior (Minion 6) x4
Dwarf Cult Warrior (Soldier 1) x3
Dwarf Initiate (Soldier 3) x2
Dwarf Priest- Master Gambolge (Controller 3)
Gnoll Broken Fang Veteran (Brute 6) x2
Encounter Level 6- 1502 XP- Now with 6 PCs in action.


The adventurers and most of the combatants are in area 1-24 on the map (see below).
The Broken Fang Gnolls start in area 1-21 on the map (see below).

Ragnarr screams at the new arrival, spins out a dagger with a Deft Strike and cuts the first Gnoll Veteran. Fenchurch meanwhile offers some Majestic Words to Koda- the Monk’s wounds quickly heal.

Up on the ledge the three foul Dwarves there, Master Gambolge and a pair of Dwarf Initiate’s, begin to ready the great statue for action.


Gnoll Broken Fang Veteran- Blocked.

Tordek screams and (double move Action Point Charge) hurtles into the Gnoll in the doorway- smashing the Veteran and blocking the way, both Veteran Gnolls strike back, the Fighter is cut but Tordek is preventing the Gnolls from entering the temple. He counts six of the foul humanoids in total in the chamber beyond- another guardroom.


Grimm rushes for the opposite wall, to where Ragnarr pointed, wrestles with the tapestry for a moment and then finds a door- moments later the Avenger is taking the stairs two and three at a time. Koda follows on behind.

Berend meanwhile, unarmed, and bruised, and battered; stumbles and staggers, trying to get away from the action.

Ragnarr and Fenchurch move over to help Tordek, although the pair prove ineffective with their attacks, they did however scarper just in time- a rolling fireball bursts from the huge Dwarf statue and engulfs the central pathway of the chamber, which is uninhabited- even Berend has managed to stagger out of the way.

Just a note to say that the players didn’t plan this- they didn’t spot the statue and think- ‘must get out of the way of its flaming attack’, they just all had other things to do- and that’s how it came to pass that my big attack found nobody home… the bastards!

Master Gambolge atop the ledge screams in frustration. I know how he feels.

Tordek gets his Second Wind and smashes at the already injured Gnoll Veteran with his Steel Serpent Strike, and still the humanoid fights on, although the Dwarf manages again to keep the Gnolls at bay, blocked in the doorway.

Grimm rushes up onto the ledge and spots the first Dwarf Initiate, the Avenger issues his Oath and then Whirlwind Charges into the foul Dwarf. The second Dwarf Initiate appears on the scene, the pair flail wildly and menace Grimm- moments later the Avenger is smashed twice in quick succession and left bloodied and bruised (the second hit was a critical).

Koda quickly joins the fun and unleashes his Spinning Leopard attack (Daily after a double move followed by an Action Point), the Monk smashes into the first Dwarf Initiate leaving it bloodied and almost broken, and then for good measure jabs and wounds the second, the Monk even finds time to search out Master Gambolge and cuff him a little.

Berend meantime grabs up a greatsword from one of the fallen foul Dwarves and then stands sentry, waiting to see where he’s needed.

And so we have two distinct fights going on; in the chamber proper Tordek is blocking a doorway preventing a whole host of Gnolls rushing in- he’s battling hard, with help from Ragnarr and Fenchurch, but he’s facing two Gnoll Veteran’s (Level 6 Brutes with 80+ hit points each), and four Gnoll minions.

Meanwhile up on the ledge Grimm and Koda are in action against three enemies- two Dwarf Initiates and Master Gambolge, the twisted Dwarf Priest.


Gnoll Broken Fang Warrior- Stymied.

Ragnarr spins out a dagger, Fenchurch hits with his Staggering Note, and Tordek follows up with a solid bash- again with his Weapon Master’s Strike, the first Gnoll veteran is finally bloodied, and much the worse for wear. The pair of Gnolls continue however to wail on Tordek, who takes another hit- the Fighter grits his teeth, he’s not going anywhere.

Up on the ledge Master Gambolge smashes Koda with his Holy Strike, the Monk staggers, he’s blind; but that’s not enough to slow him down. Even as Gambolge slips away Koda strikes out and smashes an Initiate, Grimm delivers a Focused Fury and the first of the foul Dwarves is down. The Avenger sucks up the hurt and gets his Second Wind.

Berend makes his mind up and rushes over to help Tordek- mostly ineffectively by poking and prodding at the Gnolls in the doorway (Aid Another checks).

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note strikes again, and again it allows Tordek to cut at the Veteran Gnoll, the Fighter follows up with his Weapon Master’s Menace and the first Veteran is cut down- the second stabs in and slams its greataxe in to Tordek, the Fighter is bloodied.

Suddenly something smashes into Koda from behind, Master Gambolge hits with Vampiric Strike- the blind Monk staggers bloodied, while Gambolge is flooded with fresh energy (gain 12 Temp hit points). Koda staggers off in the wrong direction completely; however moments later he can see again, he turns around just in time.

Grimm smashes the second Dwarf Initiate down with his Strength of Many attack.

Berend suddenly screams- and points…

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