Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #3.13


Encounter #11 Vault of the Silver Seal (Area 1-20)
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Goblin Slave (Minion 2) x4
Human Mage- Ivinrix the Mad (Artillery 4)
Cave Bear- Fang (Elite Brute 6)
Encounter Level 1- 799 XP- Now with 7 PCs in action.


The Vault of the Silver Seal is in area 1-20 on the map (see below).

Just to warn you dear reader- this encounter does not warrant the title ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!, the aforementioned phrase is a reflection of the players thoughts at this juncture. For some strange reason the rescue of the two Dwarves- Berend and Tordek, made for a startling change to the party dynamic. The guys, now with seven players, believe themselves to be invincible- the bringers of pain etc. in short they’re convinced that nothing can stand up to them because… wait for it, there are seven of them. Yeah, I didn’t much get it at the time- but I promise you the change in their attitude was palpable- several of the guys want to have their PCs sing as they wade through the rest of the dungeon- alerting enemies to their presence, better to draw them in apparently.

They want to kill something, anything… and soon.

And so…

The adventurers complete several circuits of the defiled temple, the scene of their last battle- and all of the guard rooms located around the great chamber, they discover only one possible exit. Somewhat disappointed Ragnarr and Koda are sent forward- creeping along a dank and musty corridor.

The pair spot lights ahead, they edge into a chamber dominated by an enormous stone slab embedded in the center of the floor, around which is some sort of metal frame work, a system of levers and pulleys being worked by a gang of disheveled goblins.


Goblin Slave- The pay’s terrible, but the uniform is cool.

There’s a sudden growling sound.

“Shhhh!” Koda shushes Ragnarr, the Rogue must be hungry, his stomach is making a terrible growling noise.

The noise comes again.

“I said…” Koda whispers, but Ragnarr is ignoring the Monk, the Dwarf is pointing at something… oh that’s it, a great big Cave Bear- the source of the growling.

About four seconds later-

“Oh I get it.” Koda states.

Then the Monk and the Rogue scream for their friends.

And already the guys are beginning to doubt their prowess.


Cave Bear- Fang- Hungry!

The Cave Bear lurches forward and is met by Ragnarr’s spinning dagger- a Deft Strike, the creature roars some more and comes on (only another 155 hit points to go).

A goggle-eyed human dressed in ripped and dirty robes steps around the corner, behind the Bear, grinning- a second later a Magic Missile smashes in to Ragnarr.

“Kill ‘em!” The Mage stutters and shouts.


Human Mage- Ivinrix the Mad- ATM he’s beyond Mad, he’s Furious.

Koda and Fenchurch charge into the Cave Bear swinging- the Monk punches the ursine beast on the snout, which only makes it mad. The Bear claws both of the Dwarves, neither of them look pleased. Travok charges in and slashes the brute- the Bear just soaks up the hurt and growls some more.

Grimm moves in to the chamber delivers his Radiant Vengeance on one of the Goblin Slaves and cuts it dead. The other three Goblins rush over to help the Bear repel the invaders- forming a defensive line between the adventurers and the mad Human Mage.

Berend and Tordek charge in to the melee, the later cuts another one of the Goblin Slaves dead.

Ragnarr steps back, out of the fracas- unleashes another dagger- another Deft Strike, and connects again with the Bear, the Rogue gets his Second Wind.

The ground beneath the adventurers suddenly lurches and buckles- momentarily, a thunder clap explodes (Thunder Burst attack from the Mage); the spells toll is terrible. Koda, Fenchurch, Berend, Travok and the Cave Bear are all caught in the burst- all of them are left injured, and dazed- Koda and Fenchurch are also bloodied.

The Human Mage grins and moves back a little.

Koda Opens the Gate of Battle, with added Flurry, and the Bear is smashed. Fenchurch’s Shout of Triumph causes both of the remaining Goblins to stagger and then keel over- dead, alas the Bear seems unaffected, however Berend and Travok see an opportunity, and move through the ranks of their enemies to get at the Mage.

The Bear yowls and snaps at the Monk, Koda, who staggers but manages to stay on his feet. Grimm swears his Oath and then rushes in with a Whirlwind Charge- and at last the Cave Bear is bloodied.

Travok and Berend Charge the Mage, although only the Ranger connects, and then only with a half-hearted effort.

Tordek manoeuvres and gets around to the rear of the Bear, he slashes with his Steel Serpent Strike and rips into the beast’s flank- the Cave Bear staggers.

Ragnarr spins out another dagger, deadly accurate as always.

The Mage dodges back and then presents his open hands to Travok and Berend- lightning shoots forth; Berend ducks while Travok does a little dance, the bolt arcs and Ragnarr is caught in the storm, the Dwarf Rogue joins in with the dance- both Travok and Ragnarr are bloodied.

Koda gets his Second Wind, Fenchurch offers himself a few Majestic Words- both Dwarves are healed, although still dazed, and what’s more neither can shake off the effect.

The Cave Bear Bites Tordek- rips into the Dwarf, and then tries to repeat the action (Action Point), miraculously Tordek is too quick and escapes the attack. Grimm and Tordek slash at the Bear, although only the Avenger is on target with his Focused Fury.

Travok sucks up the hurt and gets his Second Wind, and then menaces the Mage with his Divine Pursuit, the Human is sliced and left bloodied and almost broken, Berend’s Twin Strike leaves the Mage clutching at the wall to stay on his feet (on 2 hit points).

Ragnarr manoeuvres away from the Cave Bear and into range- his dagger spins out and hits Ivinrax, the Human Mage falls to the floor dead.

Fenchurch’s Staggering Note shakes the Bear and then delivers up the ursine for Tordek to slice, the Fighter obliges- although the Dwarf is Bitten for his efforts, and left bloodied.

The Dwarf adventurers crowd the bear, all furiously slashing and cutting, although only Grimm and Berend make their mark on the great beast (the Cave Bear is on 1 hit point).

The crush continues- smashing, and slashing and… not one of the Dwarves connects with the Bear, the ursine lashes out in a FRENZY, swiping at all those that surround it- Koda staggers back bloodied and battered (on 6 hit points), Grim is sliced, Tordek slashed and also bloodied (and down to 9 hit points), while Travok is ripped and clawed across his face, he’s left staggering to stay on his feet, and of course bloodied (on 2 hit points after a critical hit).

“Moradin’s great hairy testicles!” Grimm announces and cuts the Bear down.

The encounter is complete and the guys are sated.

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