Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #3.14


The Vault of the Silver Seal is in area 1-20 on the map (see below).

And the guys just want to check the chamber out before finishing the session.

The Dwarven adventurers are battered, bruised and for the most part bloodied- and again they have, more or less, used up all of their resources, they’re eager to take another extended rest as soon as they can. However first comes the search of the chamber-

The guys quickly make sense of the situation; they find a note which states-

Speak raxim
Molten silver/hoist lift
Demon forges below, born in flames/bound in coal

They figure the seal, the great stone thing in the center of the chamber needs lifting, they likewise figure after a search by Ragnarr that the seal is trapped and that ‘raxim’ is the magic word that nullifies the trap.

They just need to find something to melt the seal, then it’s just a matter of operating the hoist… how difficult can it be.

They move on in to the Mage’s lair (area 1-20A on the map), the chamber is hung with skeletons, its domed ceiling painted to resemble a starry night sky- there are cobwebbed shelves filled with books and scrolls, a stone altar- recently used, and a pile of small barrels marked with ‘X’s.

They begin to tear the place apart in search of more clues when a bunch of ghostly Dwarves flutter into the room and begin throwing things at them- Grimm is not happy, he unleashes his Abjure Undead and moments later the spirits are gone.

The guys are getting excited- they figure that they just need to shift the stone seal and they’ll be on their way to the secret hidden forges, and at the end of their adventure.

The Dwarves hit the books and discover the collection all contain long-winded tales about the hold- although they’re only skimming the material- they’ll take a closer look during their next extended rest. They also discover the dead Mage’s spellbook, and a few coins and gems besides. They make three much more important discoveries, the first is a stone drill- several of the adventurers know how to use this Dwarven machine, the second discovery is that the stack of barrels hold some sort of long-burning charcoal and oil mix- ideal, the guys agree, for melting the silver of the seal.

They’re really getting excited.

The last discovery is a +1 Amulet of Physical Resolve, which Ragnarr takes because he found it-


Ragnarr resolves to be more physical in future…

Oh and one last thing, but of less import- Fenchurch finds a secret door, although he doesn’t find a way to open it, most frustrating, but the failure is swiftly forgotten, it’s the end of the session and next time… the guys are convinced its into the forge.

But before then, another extended rest.

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