Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #4.03


Encounter #12a Doomgrinder Hall (Area 1-19)
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Doomgrinder Trap (Elite Warder 8)
Encounter Level 1- 700 XP.


The Vault of the Silver Seal is in area 1-20 on the map (see below).

Ragnarr leads the others down the wide passage.

“I wonder what…”


Suddenly dropping from the ceiling behind the Dwarves is a huge stone roller, like a pillar on its side- embedded in the massive stone are scores of metal blades…


The roller, and therefore the blades, spin at an incredible speed- the entire thing lurches forward, heading down the passage and straight for the adventurers.





Are the most popular reactions.


Doomgrinder Trap- The Squishinator.

The Dwarves run as the great blades close in, Ragnarr is the first to the end of the passage, and ‘end’ is the correct phrase…

The passage (1-19) ends spectacularly on the right hand side of the map (see below).

Ragnarr teeters on the edge, Travok arrives just in time to skid to a halt and grab his friend, the passage exits into a massive chamber, suddenly lights flare ahead- illuminating a central platform in the chamber- and another platform beyond. At some time in the past this place would have been a marvel of dwarven engineering, now however it is broken- a ruin; nothing connects the three platforms, the stairs have fallen away.

“What the…” Travok states.
“Bummer!” Ragnarr adds.


The ceiling is shrouded in shadow, the floor below similarly obscured.

Ragnarr looks behind him, the Doomgrinder, and his fellows are approaching at speed.

“Nooooooooo!” The Rogue screams, but it’s too late…

Fenchurch runs past Ragnarr, and then leaps, and lands on the central platform with ease, the Bard tumbles to absorb the impact and comes up grinning. Koda does the same.


The Monk thumps in to the edge of the central platform and scrabbles furiously to stay on board- red-faced Koda screams like a little girl.

Dave, who plays Koda, was very cocky prior to seeing his dice roll.


Tordek rushes full pelt and launches himself, and… lands in a heap on the central platform, the Dwarf looks up battered and bruised- but grinning, pointedly at Koda.

Grimm and Berend skid to a halt- then look behind them, the Doomgrinder is only fifteen or so feet away, it’ll be on them in seconds.

“Jump!” Fenchurch encourages.

Ragnarr is the first to react, the Rogue however has his doubts- he scans the walls and the floor, and the ceiling, and the trap itself; unless he goes over it- involving another jump, then there’s no way past it he can think of.

“We have to jump.” Ragnarr plainly states- his three companions nod- all four take a step or two back, rush forward and launch themselves towards the central platform.

Travok lands with style, Berend with panache, Grimm lands in a crumpled heap face first- but still grinning.

Just to say this is a DC15 Athletics check.

Ragnarr flies, all too briefly, misses the ledge by some distance, and plummets, but oh…

The flailing Rogue catches on to Koda’s foot- the Monk sags, slips and is left holding on the ledge by one hand, Ragnarr scrabbling furiously in an attempt to climb the Monk is not helping things.

It gets to swearing very quickly.

Fenchurch and Tordek are swiftlly to Koda, the Monk is dragged slowly up onto the ledge, Ragnarr who has alas ‘made his toilet’ is dragged up at the same time- the Rogue is clutching to Koda with a death grip, and as white as a sheet.

“Phew that was close!” Ragnarr eventually grins.

It’s at this point the first Deathjump Spider lands on what is already a very busy, and precarious platform.

The Spider, fortunately for Ragnarr, lands on Tordek…

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