Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #4.04


Encounter #12b Stairs of Ruin (Area 1-17)
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Spider Deathjump (Skirmisher 4) x4
Doomgrinder Trap (Elite Warder 8)
Encounter Level 5- 1400 XP.


The guys are on the center platform, area 1-17.

The Fighter is smashed prone beneath the beast, bitten and injected with a poison that causes his limbs to suddenly feel like lumps of lead- Tordek is slowed.

The second spider smashes in to Travok, the third Fenchurch, the fourth Berend- each of the Dwarves suffer a similar fate- knocked prone and poisoned. The only exception is Travok , the Paladin is also left bloodied when the giant arachnid tears a huge chunk from his flesh.

Ragnarr, surrounded by his supine colleagues each beset by a Spider, launches his Clever Strike, and when that misses he tries again (Action Point), but with no success. Fenchurch throws off the poison’s affect but not before feeling its initial sting, he stabs the Spider with his Guiding Strike, and then manages to clamber to his feet.

The Spiders en masse continue to tear at the adventurers, although only Berend is Bitten again- the Ranger however is now bloodied.

The first three spider’s attack rolls were all below ‘6’ unadjusted, the one that rolled the ‘6’ needed a ‘7’ to hit- the dice mock me at times.

Koda Opens the Gate of… oh, no he doesn’t, the Spider lurches back and the Monk is to his feet, his attack wasted.

Travok shakes the poison off, but not before the burn leaves him bloodied, with his Divine Pursuit stabs the arachnid, and he too is back on his feet.

Grimm swears his Oath and then with a Whirlwind Charge smashes into a spider (with a critical hit), the arachnid is left bloodied.

Tordek also throws off the poison’s affect, he leaps to his feet and slices with his Steel Serpent Strike- the bloodied Spider is much to quick however.

Berend staggers (he’s on 8 hit points), gets his Second Wind and then stabs with his longswords, a Twin Fang Strike- both hit and a second arachnid is bloodied, the Ranger gets to his feet, and at last throws off the poison’s effect.

Ragnarr’s Clever Strike comes again- and this time connects, the Rogue slashes through one of the nearest arachnid’s legs, the creature skitters- leaking yellow gunk, and wanting to be away.

Fenchurch finds some space and issues a Staggering Note, one of the arachnids scurries back but is otherwise unaffected.

The Spiders surge and renew their attack, and this time the dice gods are smiling- all hits. Tordek is staggered (9 hit points left), Travok can barely stand (1 hit point left), Berend breathes hard (7 hit points left) and Ragnarr is now bloodied, all four Dwarves are Bitten and poisoned again.

Koda goes chop-socky crazy with a double Dancing Cobra, and double Flurry attacks- all four attacks smash into one of the arachnids (for 35 damage in total), the Spider staggers and lurches- tottering on the very edge of the platform (it’s on 2 hit points).


Spider Deathjump- A rolled up newspaper is not going to cut it.

Travok collapses, he’s dying- with poison in his veins (-4 hit points).

Grimm’s Focused Fury leaves a Spider bruised and bleeding.

Tordek gets his Second Wind, and then with a Weapon Master’s Menace smashes the nearest arachnid and sends it sailing off the platform. He also manages to shake off the poison’s affect.

Berend’s longswords come again, both alas misses- the Ranger tries again with a Marauder’s Rush and clatters into an arachnid, it too spirals off the ledge. Victory is good for him- the poison within his body is neutralised.

Two down, and two to go.

Ragnarr shakes off the posion also, gets his Second Wind but misses with his dagger. Fenchurch’s Staggering Note launches the third arachnid off the ledge- his Majestic Words meantime cause Travok to stir.

Three down.

The Bard pays the price, the last arachnid leaps and with a Death from Above attack, crunches hard into Fenchurch- biting deep and sending him sprawling beneath the beast, poisoned, bloodied and in peril (Fenchurch is on 5 hit points).

Travok gingerly gets to his feet, throws off the poison’s affect, and gets his Second Wind.

Koda flails with his fists, Berend skitters back and launches a Twin Strike- this time with Javelins, Grimm applies his Oath and then hits with another Focused Fury, Tordek smashes- and the last arachnid is left bloodied, although only the Avenger and the Paladin’s attacks make their mark.

Ragnarr scurries behind the beast and delivers a Torturous Strike, and the last arachnid flops off the platform and crashes down below.

The Dwarves sit tight on the central platform, breath hard and don’t say anything for a good while.

Eventually Koda breaks the silence.

“How do we get back?”

The silence returns for a good while again.

Fifteen minutes later, secured with ropes, Ragnarr and Koda are sent exploring, the Monk crosses easily to the final ledge. The Rogue however comes a cropper when a section of the stairs he is standing on falls away and he swings back towards the central platform, and specifically the pillar that holds it up- like a pendulum.

The Rogue is battered and bruised; he’s hauled back up- the second time he makes it over to the far ledge.

Another fantastic encounter, and with nice pictures to help the players, a dynamic environment, and a terrible trap leading to a life-or-death (or close to) leap, and then the spiders arrive. That’s the thing with this scenario quite a lot of the time the players are certain they are fighting for their lives.

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