Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #4.05


Encounter #13 Portal Trap (Area 1-17a)
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Portal Trap (Elite Warder 9)
Encounter Level 1- 800 XP.


The adventurers make it over to area 1-17A on the map (see below).

Ragnarr moves forward, the platform ends in a tarnished, but still golden, set of double doors- crimson light streams through the seams in the doors, at the center of the great portals is an intricate lock, with three key holes.

Which gets Ragnarr thinking-

One click sinister, then shun both extremes.
Keep to the center; keep your life.

Ragnarr goes on to confirm that only one keyhole shows any signs of use, the center section of the key plate can be rotated, the Rogue turns the plate sinister- to the left, and then gets to work on the lock.

Moments later the doors swing open and crimson light pours out.

Apart from a very short discussion, the action above is pretty much how it played out, which was a little underwhelming. In game Paul, who plays Ragnarr, after being told there were three locks asked straight away- “has one of them been used more than the others?” He then remembered the bit about the rhyme, a little disappointing that it was that simple.

Travok now has enough XP for level 2.

The guys were a little miffed at first, unsure of the location of the secret forge they have been sent to discover, they figure its down here somewhere- the crimson light streaming through the trapped doors however got them to thinking- the forge must be within…

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