Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #4.07


Encounter #14 Dead Crypt of the Underking (Area 1-18)
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Skeleton Dwarf Honour Guard (Minion 5) x6
Eye of Eternal Flame Trap (Hazard 5)- Meh!
Skeleton Dwarf Underking (Elite Soldier 5)
Encounter Level 2- 900 XP.


The Dead Crypt is in area 1-18 on the map (see below).

Only it doesn’t look like a forge…

The adventurers stand station at the entrance to the chamber, adjusting their eyes to the glaring light ahead, there’s also a fine dust in the air which diffuses and darkens the crimson light a little. A raised walkway spans the center of the chamber, with steps down either side to crypts, complete with sarcophagi. At the end of the raised walkway stands a pedestal, atop which is a large red-glowing gem. It seems to pulse and throb.


Eye of Eternal Flame Trap- Meh!

“That’s not a forge…” Ragnarr states, confirming the obvious.

The adventurers cautiously approach, and twenty feet out hold station, all of them except for Ragnarr nod in one direction- at Ragnarr.

“Why me?”

The Rogue is sent ahead to investigate, as he approaches the glowing gem he notices that his dagger, in his hand, is beginning to heat up- in fact all the metal items on his person are, he stops and heads back- reporting his findings.

Koda wanders closer, the Monk doesn’t have any metal items, things start to heat up for the Monk however, including his head, his body, all of him- Koda heads back to his compatriots.

Ragnarr in the meantime searches the area for any traps- nothing.

A short debate ensues, and again the players thwart the trap- this time by simply ignoring it.

The adventurers instead hop down in to the crypt area and take a nose around…

The sarcophagi are sealed, in a similar manner to the seal they successfully removed to get into this area, with a silver solder.

The book says they require a DC30 Strength check to get free, I fudged that a little (a lot), and just made up a very quick and dirty Skill Challenge. The challenge didn’t really have a ‘bad ending’ for failure other than ruining the tools the PCs used, or else just increasing the amount of time it takes to get a sarcophagi open.

And so an hour later the first sarcophagi is unsealed, which coincides with the lid of the stone coffin being thrown off and the Dwarf Skeleton Underking standing up.

Tordek, Berend, Ragnarr and Travok are ready for the fellow, the four lash out as the Underking stands, they all fail to connect as the Skeleton either ducks, dodges or else gets its shield up just in time.

Back in the other crypt the sarcophagi there burst open and a bunch more Skeletons get in on the action.


Skeleton Dwarf Underking- “Shit!” Koda declares. “He’s good.”

Tordek is thumped by the Underking just to punctuate the point, at which juncture the six Dwarf Skeleton Honour Guards charge the adventurers, flocking around to defend their lord even in death- Koda and Ragnarr are sliced, while Tordek smashes one of the undead down. The guys are reassured that they’re minions.

Koda gets into the mix, in amongst the undead- he launches his Five Storms, smashes two more of the Honour Guard to pieces and unsettles the Underking with a Flurry of Blows.

Grimm employs his Oath and follows up with Abjure Undead- the Underking suffers some more, the Dwarves are making their hits count now.

Berend slices with his Marauder’s Strike and the Underking is wounded again, Tordek misses and suffers the Skeleton King’s wrath- the Fighter is smashed and bloodied. The Skeleton Underking locks his gaze upon the Dwarf, Tordek clutches at his eyes- he’s blinded.

Ragnarr manoeuvres and lashes out with a Clever Strike, and the Underking is bloodied.


Skeleton Dwarf Honour Guard- Loyal even in death.

The Honour Guards, those still standing, continue to slash and cut- Ragnarr is wounded again.

Fenchurch offers a Majestic Word or two to Tordek- the Fighter’s wounds heal over. Then with a Staggering Note the Bard serves up the Underking for Grimm- the Avenger smashes the Skeleton some more, and then again this time with his Radiant Vengeance- the Underking is left staggering.

Berend cuts twice in quick succession (Action Point) and the Skeleton Underking is no more. The other Dwarves quickly smash down the remaining Honour Guards, and Tordek gets his sight back.

The deed is done.

Now where the bloody hell is this sodding forge?

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