Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #4.08


There’s no forge to be found, which leaves the players more than a little dumbfounded- they were convinced, however there’s treasure aplenty.

There’s no debate about taking the treasure, the adventurers do not hesitate to rob the tombs of the Dwarven dead- the king’s crown is found and taken, as are several magical items all identified by Fenchurch, they are-


A +1 Fleshgrinder Longsword for Berend- now double trouble with his magical blades.


And a Shield of Protection for Tordek- stay safe!

Nice work.

A debate follows, the essence of it is this- do they really have to go all the way back the same way to get out, none of the guys are looking forward to either crossing the huge open chamber again, or trying to make their way past the Doomgrinder.

Koda has a better idea-

“Why don’t we just go down and see what’s there?”

The debate had been raging (and I mean raging) for at least fifteen minutes when Dave (Koda) offered this nugget of wisdom, to be fair Dave had been in the kitchen for the last fifteen minutes helping himself to other people’s food, so he had an excuse- and was instantly forgiven all in one sentence.

The encounter with the Dwarf Underking was a bit disappointing but looking back on it that was mostly of my own making- I should have made the traps work (the Portal and the Eye of Flame), and more complex- and should have increased the nastiness of the bad guys, what with their being 7 PCs. That said were playing through this scenario in a speedy and slap-dash fashion, certainly in comparison to our time in KOTS and Thunderspire- I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, this one was for fun.

The guys are also peeved that they haven’t found the missing forge, particularly as they had decided that this session would be their last in this scenario- we’re rushing to get to the end.

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