Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #4.12


Encounter #16 The Forge.
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Devil Forge Dwarf- Azan-Zog (Elite Controller 6)
Ghast Shadow Fury- Nauroc the Slaugh (Elite Brute 6)
Encounter Level 5- 1000 XP.


The Dwarves descend (at last) into the Lost Forge of Kings, area 1-25 on the map (see below).

The Dwarves, led by Ragnarr descend the stairs, halfway down the Rogue comes to a halt, the others catch up- on the step before them is the scorched and blackened remains of an armoured dwarf.

The Dwarves continue on, finally emerge in another very large chamber, the air is thick with dust, or else… soot; to the right a dais atop which is a stone throne bearing a dwarven skeleton, slumped forward in death. To the left, the source of the soot, a huge forge- which glows still, even from here the adventurers can see the fuel that has been used to stoke the fires- the charred remains of at least half-a-dozen dwarves poke out from the forge.

The floor ahead is thick with soot, here and there the remains of more dwarves- reduced to charred and blackened bones.

Nothing stirs.

Which the players don’t like.

The adventurers cautiously head in, the skeleton on the throne is batted aside by Tordek- just in case, it crashes to the floor but does not stir.

Ragnarr, Berend, Fenchurch and Grimm meanwhile approach the forge, a single flame remains within, it dances as the Dwarves approach- perhaps burns a little brighter.

“Should we… try it?” Ragnarr eventually asks, nodding towards the forge, “See if it works?”

The other Dwarves mooch around, examining the remains of the charred dwarves- clearing them from the forge, as they disentangle the burnt dead the flame of the forge seems to grow, and spread.

“I think we should.” Fenchurch replies, they get to work and moments later the forge is aflame, and building up heat.

The four Dwarves grin, call to their colleagues- Tordek, Travok and Koda who are still over investigating the throne.

“I think this must be our reward…” Grimm states, “what have we found here we can feed to the forge?”
“I know.” Ragnarr states and goes rooting in his backpack for the three bags of iron fillings the adventurers found in the secret chamber in the ruined guardhouse, right at the very start of their adventures.

At which point when the guys have stopped being suspicious and have come to the inevitable conclusion that there’s no threat here, the Flaming Dwarf Devil- Azan-Zog erupts from the forge and chokes the Dwarves in his Cinder Cloud- Berend, Fenchurch, Grimm and Ragnarr are caught in the eruption of choking hot cinders, all are left wounded- and blinded; and all of them are screaming.

The players are in a panic.


Grimm lashes out blindly, while Travok and Koda rush over to to help, but not Tordek.

Something slams into the back of the Fighter, Tordek spins around to see the shadowy remains of the Dwarf from the throne, or at least a dark hazy version of some terrible grinning Dwarf- the creature’s hand seems to grasp at Tordek’s inner being- the Fighter feels a necrotic chill.

Ragnarr reacts in an instant to Tordek’s shout and spins out a dagger, although still blinded, the shadowy Dwarf grimaces- it’s wounded- thank Moradin, they can fight it.

Fenchurch starts up with his Song of Courage, his fellow Dwarves soak up the Bard’s power. The songsmith follows up with a (blind) Staggering Note which remarkably hits the Devil, in the same moment the Bard can see again- he screams…


Devil Forge Dwarf- Azan-Zog- Flame on!

As the Devil- Azan-Zog leaps down from the forge and brings down his flaming hammer on Berend, miraculously the blind Ranger- thanks to Fenchurch’s warning, somehow manages to step aside at the last second.

Koda rushes over to the Devil, the temperature rising as the Monk gets closer to the Flaming Dwarf, Koda Opens the Gate of Battle, or rather fails to, and so follows up with his Dancing Cobra attack (Action Point), with an accompanying Flurry- he hits hard and the Devil grimaces.

Tordek fights back against shadowy Dwarf- his Brute Strike (Daily) is followed up by his Steel Serpent Strike- both hit (for a total of 46 damage) but Nauroc the Slaugh seems unconcerned, Tordek meanwhile gets his Second Wind.

Grimm can see again, the Avenger lurches over to help Tordek, he shouts out his Oath and then unleashes his Strength of Many attack (Daily) and then follows up with his Abjure Undead- both attacks slash and burn the shadowy Dwarf (and for a total of 51 points of damage), it staggers- bloodied, and immobilised. Then claws at Grimm in retaliation- the Avenger is wounded and affected by a numbing necrosis.


Ghast Shadow Fury- Nauroc the Slaugh- Great at opening jars.

Travok lurches into the mix with his Blood of the Mighty (Daily) attack, and when that misses he tries again (Action Point) and misses again- his failure drains his spirit, the Dwarf takes his Second Wind.

Ragnarr is still blind and staggering- bloodied and caught in the Devil Dwarf’s flaming aura; the Rogue gets his Second Wind and yet still cannot see. Berend, also blind, manages however to land a glancing blow with his longsword, but he too cannot lift the inky black from his vision.

Fenchurch is also too close to the Flaming Devil, and therefore subject to its flaming heat, the Dwarf is bloodied and has to resort to his Second Wind to get his strength back.

Azan-Zog lurches forward- smashes his flaming hammer in to Berend, and the blind Ranger is suddenly also bloodied, his hide armour smoulders, he’s on fire too.

Koda smashes the Devil with another Dancing Cobra attack and accompanying Flurry strike, however the Monk is also caught in the Dwarf Devil’s flames, he suffers and has also to get his Second Wind.

Grimm staggers, the necrotic cold is sapping his soul- he’s bloodied, the Avenger takes a few steps back and then launches his Whirlwind Charge at Nauroc the Slaugh, he follows up by unleashing a thunderclap from his magical sword. His enemy staggers back, almost broken- Grimm sucks up his hurt and gets his Second Wind.

Nauroc, left staggering, vomits forth a cloud of screaming shadowy bats- the swarm flutters on, around and through the nearby Dwarves- Fenchurch and Grimm swat and swipe helplessly within the terror cloud. The shadowy Dwarf grins and then slashes at Tordek, the Fighter burns with necrotic cold as he suffers.

Travok however is not giving up, he tries again with Blood of the Mighty attack- and smashes the shadow monster (for 35 points of damage), the Paladin follows up with a Holy Strike (Action Point) and once and for all cuts the evil Dwarf down- Nauroc the Slaugh is dead.

Ragnarr continues to burn, and is still blind, he also fails to hit with his flung daggers, the Rogue staggers and lurches not knowing quite what to do for the best. Berend is equally disposed, still blind and still on fire- the Ranger stumbles and almost falls- he needs healing fast.

Fenchurch to the rescue, a few Majestic Words and Berend is well again, or at least for a little while.

Azan-Zog roars and the adventurers disappear from sight, momentarily, caught in another Cinder Cloud- Koda is burnt and left blind, Berend and Ragnarr are already blind- the pair suffer more burns, the Rogue can barely stand. The Devil follows up with a Flame Blast but somehow contrives to miss his target- the blind Koda, the Monk however continues to burn within the Devil’s flaming aura.

Tordek stumbles towards the creature- he’s still being eaten away by necrosis, the Fighter walks into the wall of flame that surrounds the Flaming Devil Dwarf, and is singed- thank Moradin he’s Unstoppable. Grimm is also still gripped by the Devil’s necrosis- the pair stagger and scream but fail to land their attacks. Travok, a little way off, can at last see again- he can see that he’s on fire.

Ragnarr’s vision suddenly returns, the Rogue manoeuvres closer to the Devil and then launches his Clever Strike, Azan-Zog roars and thrashes, bloodied. The Rogue tries again with a Blinding Barrage (Daily), but the Devil is too quick for his Dwarf’s dagger, Ragnarr staggers back, he’s almost done for- the fire surrounding the Devil Dwarf is too intense.

Berend retreats out of the fracas, he’s desperate to see again, and fighting the flames that continue to burn him, he fails to accomplish either task and so continues to stagger, scream and burn.

Fenchurch is also on fire, however he saves the Rogue- Ragnarr, with a few Majestic Words, although his Shout of Triumph attack fails, as per usual, to make an impact. Frustrated the Bard tries again (Action Point) with his Sprightly Rhythm (Daily)- the Devil is affected, it struggles to keep the Dwarven cacophony out of its brain, and clutches at its head every now and then- and grimaces.

The Devil however is far from done- it fights back and unleashes yet another Cinder Cloud, more of the Dwarves suffer- Tordek, Fenchurch, Berend, Grimm and Koda are all burnt, and bloodied- all of them are likewise left clawing at their eyes- blinded by the fiery cloud.

Things are getting desperate, Koda has the most hit points left- 16, and only Ragnarr and Travok can see at the moment.

Koda lashes out, desperate and blind, with his Spinning Leopard Manoeuvre, alas he only manages to catch the Devil a glancing blow. Tordek triggers his Shield of Protection, and in the same moment lifts the haze from his eyes- he can see again. Grimm fails to connect with his flailing attack, but clears his sight also.

Travok Lays on Hands on Tordek, and then thumps the Devil with his Valiant Strike, his Frosthammer leaves its mark- a burst of cold which renders Azan-Zog immobilised.

Ragnarr to the rescue, the Rogue slices the Devil from behind with a Torturous Strike, the creature staggers, lurches- its flames almost go out (Azan-Zog is down to 1 hit point).

Berend meanwhile continues to burn and to flail, backing away from the fight- the Ranger is of no use to his companions, but at last he manages to clear his vision.

Azan-Zog will not be beaten, nor will it surrender, the Devil Dwarf hits Tordek with its Flaming Hammer, the Dwarf sags and staggers even as he burns, but the Devil’s smile is short lived- Koda’s Dancing Cobra comes again, and the lights go out for the Devil from the forge forever.

It falls.

The Dwarves breathe again, and sigh with relief, Fenchurch, Grimm and Travok rush around doing what they can to heal their colleagues. It takes a good while, but time is on the adventurer’s side- their enemies are vanquished, the clan hold has been retaken, and thoroughly explored- the secret forge found and its guardians, finally, defeated.

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