Adventure #1 WOTC DCC54 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #4.13


A little while later the adventurers search the chamber thoroughly- a clutch of magical gems are found buried within the fuel of the forge, the forge itself proves remarkably easy to reignite- it went out when Azan-Zog first appeared. The guys figure why not try, they should try to use the forge, to make themselves some new magic items.

Later the same day, when the place has been cleared up a little, and after much studying of the forge (a minor skill challenge), and the iron fillings (or whatever they are- note these were found in the very first encounter) and also the magical gems found within the forge. The guys are ready to make their attempt…

Just a note to say I used the PCs magic item wishlists, and then a bunch of skill checks to give each PC a chance to create something special.

The results are-


A beautiful +1 Robe of Eyes for Grimm.

I know a robe is not really something you can manufacture with a forge but… shut up, it’s just a game.


A suit of +1 Chainmail of Fire Resistance for Fenchurch, he could have done with this in the last encounter.


A suit of +1 Black Iron Scale for Tordek- looking mean.


A suit of +1 Flowform Cloth for Koda- check out the pants on Koda!

Again with the non-forge item…

I seem to remember Travok scored a critical success at this task…


A suit of +1 Battleforged Plate for Travok- the Terminator.

Alas the entire process goes horribly wrong for Berend-


A +1 Amulet of Protection for Berend- he rolled a ‘1’.


While Ragnarr’s +1 Dagger is transformed in to a +1 Lightning Dagger.

And that about wraps things up, session four is at an end, but not without a quick look at the little beauties with all their new gear-


A majority of the Dwarves also have enough XP for level 3, all except Travok and Berend.

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