Adventure #01 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #1.01
Enc#001- Fire!
PCs Level 1-

The guys investigate an abandoned and ruined guard post, the way into the forgotten Dwarven Clanhold- Berend and the guys are surprised when a bunch of Fire Beetles join in the fun.


Slightly singed the guys move on, although not before Travok gets his hands on a +1 Frost Warhammer-


Ice! Ice! Baby!

Session #1.02
Enc#002a- Hold the Front Line!
PCs Level 1-

The Dwarves get spotted, and then shot at, and then hassled by an Ogre as they fight on a ten foot wide ledge…


The Ogre is quickly neutralised (smashed off the ledge), the adventurers force the evil/bad Dwarves to retreat, then bust into the clan hold and beat them down.

Session #1.03
Enc#002b- Water!
PCs Level 1-

No time to rest as the encounter rumbles on, a trap has been triggered and something bad is about to happen, the Dwarves rush to be away from the ‘something bad’ when it happens-


Alas their escape involves charging into one of the larger halls within the complex. Double alas, the place is well guarded, by a trio of Orc Berserkers- the Dwarves are very quickly fighting for their lives.

Session #1.04
Enc#002c- The Beginning of the End.
PCs Level 1-

It gets worse, a pair of Dwarf Guards come out to play and join the Orcs wailing on our guys-


We’re into a Level 9 Encounter, things have very quickly got serious, the adventurers are struggling vainly to stay alive, and failing- Adrik is bleeding to death, and for Dumphart its a little too late- the Sorcerer is decapitated.

Session #1.05
Enc#002d- Dead End.
PCs Level 1-

And then the artillery arrive-


And it doesn’t take long- Travok is cut down and left bleeding and unconscious, while Berend stops a whole bunch of javelins- and soon after is also sprawled upon the floor- they’re both dying, as is Adrik still.

Which just leaves Morgran.

Not for long the Dwarf Barbarian is cut in two, which brings us neatly to the TPK.

Session #1.06 & #1.07 The Rescue Committee
PCs Level 1-

The players are adamant- they’re going back in, an hour or so later a second team of Dwarves are rolled up, and ready to kick ass-


The Rescue Committee’s instructions are to find their friends, and of course to find the secret forges.

Session #1.08 & #1.09 The Second Time Around & The Hidden Stair
PCs Level 1-

The guys head in again, this time a little more cautious than before… only this time the Dwarves find a secret stair which leads up and into a dank and dark cave- have the guys found a back door into the clan hold?

Session #1.10
Enc#003- Hulk Smash.
PCs Level 1-

Well, no- or at least not yet, they’ve not located a secret back way in- they have however found a pair of giant dead guys-


The guys somehow battle through, although the smart money is on a second TPK at points during the encounter- only Ragnarr and Grimm are left standing when the last Zombie Hulk falls.

The guys take a well deserved rest, they’ve just taken a real beating; a little while later Ragnarr locates a secret door- perhaps they have found a secret way into the clan hold after all.

Oh but Grimm has also been rewarded, the Avenger locates a +1 Thundering Greatsword-


Next session it’ll be time to open the secret door…

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