Adventure #01 Forges of the Mountain King (Level 1)
Session #1.01
Enc#001- Fire!
PCs Level 1-

The guys investigate an abandoned and ruined guard post, the way into the forgotten Dwarven Clanhold- Berend and the guys are surprised when a bunch of Fire Beetles join in the fun.


Slightly singed the guys move on, although not before Travok gets his hands on a +1 Frost Warhammer-


Ice! Ice! Baby!

Session #1.02
Enc#002a- Hold the Front Line!
PCs Level 1-

The Dwarves get spotted, and then shot at, and then hassled by an Ogre as they fight on a ten foot wide ledge…


The Ogre is quickly neutralised (smashed off the ledge), the adventurers force the evil/bad Dwarves to retreat, then bust into the clan hold and beat them down.

Session #1.03
Enc#002b- Water!
PCs Level 1-

No time to rest as the encounter rumbles on, a trap has been triggered and something bad is about to happen, the Dwarves rush to be away from the ‘something bad’ when it happens-


Alas their escape involves charging into one of the larger halls within the complex. Double alas, the place is well guarded, by a trio of Orc Berserkers- the Dwarves are very quickly fighting for their lives.

Session #1.04
Enc#002c- The Beginning of the End.
PCs Level 1-

It gets worse, a pair of Dwarf Guards come out to play and join the Orcs wailing on our guys-


We’re into a Level 9 Encounter, things have very quickly got serious, the adventurers are struggling vainly to stay alive, and failing- Adrik is bleeding to death, and for Dumphart its a little too late- the Sorcerer is decapitated.

Session #1.05
Enc#002d- Dead End.
PCs Level 1-

And then the artillery arrive-


And it doesn’t take long- Travok is cut down and left bleeding and unconscious, while Berend stops a whole bunch of javelins- and soon after is also sprawled upon the floor- they’re both dying, as is Adrik still.

Which just leaves Morgran.

Not for long the Dwarf Barbarian is cut in two, which brings us neatly to the TPK.

Session #1.06 & #1.07 The Rescue Committee
PCs Level 1-

The players are adamant- they’re going back in, an hour or so later a second team of Dwarves are rolled up, and ready to kick ass-


The Rescue Committee’s instructions are to find their friends, and of course to find the secret forges.

Session #1.08 & #1.09 The Second Time Around & The Hidden Stair
PCs Level 1-

The guys head in again, this time a little more cautious than before… only this time the Dwarves find a secret stair which leads up and into a dank and dark cave- have the guys found a back door into the clan hold?

Session #1.10
Enc#003- Hulk Smash.
PCs Level 1-

Well, no- or at least not yet, they’ve not located a secret back way in- they have however found a pair of giant dead guys-


The guys somehow battle through, although the smart money is on a second TPK at points during the encounter- only Ragnarr and Grimm are left standing when the last Zombie Hulk falls.

The guys take a well deserved rest, they’ve just taken a real beating; a little while later Ragnarr locates a secret door- perhaps they have found a secret way into the clan hold after all.

Oh but Grimm has also been rewarded, the Avenger locates a +1 Thundering Greatsword-


Next session it’ll be time to open the secret door…

Session #2.01
Enc#004a- Goblins!
PCs Level 1-

The Dwarves pile through the secret door and straight into a Goblin tea party- the guys get the drop on the miscreants, and swiftly do their best to bring the pain-


The Goblins take a beating, as do many of the adventurers.

The screams of the dying bring more enemies to the fight…

Session #2.02
Enc#004b- Goblins!
PCs Level 1-

The Goblin War Chief arrives (eventually), with his loyal retinue-


The Worgs take a beating, but not before the Goblin Chief gets the drop on Ragnarr and takes the Rogue down; the guys are into a level 7 encounter, and very quickly fighting for their lives.

Soon after the guys beat the Chief down, he surrenders, however of primary concern is the fact that Tordek is bleeding to death.

Session #2.03 Questions & Answers
PCs Level 1-

Tordek is revived, and the Goblin Chief spills the beans- he gives the guys directions to their captured Dwarven colleagues, alas the Chief decides to tell a lie- he sends the adventurers to their doom.

That said he wasn’t lying when he told the guys that the captive Dwarf adventurers are the prisoners of a bunch of religious nutters (the Tannheim Dwarves), the Chief is convinced the captives will be sacrificed.

Ragnarr locates a +1 Dagger, while Tordek gains a +1 Vicious Battleaxe-


Looking good.

Session #2.04
Enc#005- The Last Trap.
PCs Level 1-

The guys spring another secret door and then wander into a partially collapsed chamber- a bunch of Ancient Ravens take flight- the birds are poor combatants, clearly past their prime- an easy melee! The guys play right into the Trapmaster’s hands-


The Ravens are killed, the Trapmaster- eventually, is savaged; and then wonder of wonders Koda (Dave) saves the day and prevents Ygrut’s last trap being triggered.

The guys retreat, they’re all pretty much beaten and bloodied- low on hit points and some of them without Healing Surges. It’s time to rest- and pay the price.

Session #2.05 The Sacrifice
PCs Level 1-

The adventurers clear up behind them, and then head back out of the secret door and into the ex-Zombie Hulk’s hidden chamber, they take and Extended Rest, and in the meantime the Dwarves of Tannheim select a Dwarf adventurer for sacrifice- Adrik is the unlucky soul, the Priest of Kord has his still beating heart cut from his chest.

And another one bites the dust- of course the guys don’t get to know which one of the captured Dwarves has been killed.

Session #2.06
Enc#006- Back to the Front.
PCs Level 1-

The guys head back out to kick ass and find their lost friends- or at least 50% of the statement rings true… The adventurers locate a bunch of Goblins (OOC they’ve fought these guys before- with the first party)-


The encounter snowballs but the adventurers are not going to back down- they smash their way through the defenders behind the door. Another tough fight but the good guys win through.

Session #3.01
Enc#007- The Escape Route.
PCs Level 1-

The guys head back through the Flood Gate Trap chamber, although they don’t trigger it- the Dwarf Guards are dead, and make their way back to the main doors of the hold, at which point they take out the new door guards-


The Orcs are dead in moments, a nice easy fight at the start of the session.

Session #3.02 Exploration…
PCs Level 1-

The guys take a good look around, they’re stuck for the next place to go- at the end of the Flood Gate corridor is a drop off into darkness, another passage leads back into the mad Dwarf Trapmaster’s chamber… and then they remember- back to the waterlogged door. The situation deteriorates quickly when Ragnarr listens at the door and an earwig crawls into the Rogue’s ear, and then nests there- panic ensues, although there’s little that can be done- someone will have to ‘operate’ on Ragnarr during the guys next extended rest.

Session #3.03
Enc#008- Watery Death.
PCs Level 1-

The guys get through the waterlogged door and head into a waterlogged chamber- figures, they discover an exit, but not before the inhabitants of the chamber discover them-


A tough fight but eventually the guys beat the Ghouls down and take possession of a treasure chest, the grisly remains of the Ghoul’s previous victims lie within, oh and also a +1 Blurred Ki Focus for Koda-


Ragnarr is persuaded to listen at the exit door- what’s the worse that can happen he already has an insect wriggling around his brain. The Rogue hears Dwarf voices ahead- the guys must be getting close.

Session #3.04
Enc#009- Dwarf on Dwarf Action!
PCs Level 1-

The guys bust in and get the jump on the Dwarves in the next chamber, all eight of them-


Another tough fight, particularly when all eight of the Cult Warriors start swinging- two of the fiends attempt to escape to raise the alarm, but the adventurers somehow manage to put them down- in the nick of time.

Session #3.05 The Kindly DM.
PCs Level 1-

The guys check out the way ahead- the only exit leads into a massive temple, home to more of the crazy Dwarves, and clearly the central chamber of their enemies- the guys are wary.

This is particularly the case because already they’re low on resources, two of the adventurers have only got one Healing Surge left, and all of the guys have enough XP for level 2- I’m a nice DM, so I cut them some slack.

The guys will rest up (another extended rest) in the chamber while keeping an eye on the temple, if anything untoward happens then they’ll obviously abandoned their rest and leap into action. That seems fine to me, regardless what level they’re at I’m going to make then next encounter a doozy- if I can.

Session #3.06 Rise & Shine- Level 2.
PCs Level 2-

Miraculously the guys catch a break, they take their extended rest without interruption, they’re all level 2-


Looking experienced.

Session #3.07
Enc#010a- One Down.
PCs Level 2-

And wouldn’t you know it mere minutes after the guys have finished their extended rest Berend (from the previous party) is dragged into the temple they’ve been spying on- the Ranger is tied up, the suggestion is he’s about to be sacrificed, then one of the crazy Dwarves wanders over to the adventurers hiding place-


The Dwarf is taken down, and silently, in seconds.

Back in the huge temple things are getting frustrating for the bad Dwarves, and particularly the leader types up high on a platform- more Dwarves are sent in the PCs direction. The bad guys it seems are on a schedule- they have sacrifices to make.

Session #3.08
Enc#010b- Let’s get Ready to Rumble.
PCs Level 2-

Another pair of Dwarves are sent over-


The guys get the jump on the bad Dwarves again but their enemies are a little more wary- the Dwarves start screaming, one blocks the door while the other flees to raise the alarm. The adventurers smash their way out of the chamber and into the temple proper…

Session #3.09
Enc#010c- The Battle for the Temple.
PCs Level 2-

More Dwarves-


The leader types are up on a ledge, or platform- and firing down on the guys- the last Cult Warrior is banging a gong, it seems the place is going to get busy. The guys split up into two groups- the first heads for the gong guy, the others free Berend and then find a way up onto the ledge.

Session #3.10
Enc#010d- The Broken Fang.
PCs Level 2-

A door opens and a bunch of Gnolls- the Broken Fang clan, are ready to rush into the action-


Tordek valiantly blocks the Gnoll’s entrance, the Dwarf takes hit after hit but manages to keep all six of the beastly humanoids at bay- blocked in their guard room. The other guys are quickly to the ledge- soon after both of the Dwarf Initiates are taken down- but the adventurers are taking a beating.

Session #3.11
Enc#010e- There’s More…
PCs Level 2-

Two fights become three fights when yet another door opens, and more of the bad Dwarves’ allies rush into the temple-


It gets to daily powers and action points very quickly, Tordek with a little help from Fenchurch manages to keep the Gnolls at bay- and whittle them down. Ragnarr with very little help from Berend manages to keep the Orcs and the Hobgoblin busy, while Koda and Grimm eventually send Master Gambolge spinning over the ledge- to his death. The last pair race to help out their friends, and remarkably- they do so…

But not before Tordek comes very close to death- two failed Death Saves.

The fight is titanic. The temple is taken.

And a little later Travok is found, at which point the guys learn that Adrik has already been sacrificed (and eaten) by the foul Dwarves.

There are now Seven Dwarves-


Session #3.12 The Seven Dwarves.
PCs Level 2-

The guys search about and discover all manner of treasures- Grimm picks up a +1 Holy Symbol; Koda a Belt of Vigour; Berend a +1 Vicious Longsword and some +1 Hide Armour; and lastly Ragnarr garners a +1 suit of Leather Armour-


At this point we would normally end the session, but the guys are pumped- they want to go on, they want to use all seven PCs in their next fight.

Session #3.13
Enc#011- The Seven Dwarves- Kill! Kill! Kill!
PCs Level 2-

The guys find an exit they’ve not explored and then creep up on a bunch of bad guys hard at work-


And yet another tough fight, the good guys are Slammed and Bitten by the Bear, and subject to Ivinrix’s thunder and lightning- and yet the Seven hold true and at the last destroy their enemies. That said almost all of the guys are left on very low hit points- over-confidence? Whatever it was, they took a real beating.

Session #3.14 The Way to the Forge.
PCs Level 2-

The last actions of the session, the guys search the chamber and discover lots of good stuff- a huge stone seal kept in place by silver solder- barrels of slow burning mixture (fuel) which can be used to melt the above mentioned solder. Also a stone drill and a pulley type affair- the guys quickly fathom that they can remove the seal, they also discover the magic word which nullifies the trap on the seal… this is it. The guys are convinced they have found the entrance to the long lost secret forges.

The guys also find a secret door, but alas cannot find the mechanism to open it- this fact is swiftly forgotten, they have bigger fish to fry next session- see above.

But for now another extended rest…

Oh and Ragnarr locates a +1 Amulet of Physical Resolve- the guys are on top of the world.


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